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Meet The Leader of London's Next Gen: Flohio

Flohio has been steadily rising to the top of London’s rap scene since 2015, when her track “Steady” (in collaboration with God Colony) made some serious waves. This year’s drop was the biggest yet, though: a full six-track EP, titled Wild Yout, dripping with the power and sharp sound that has characterized the singer’s balance between genres like grime and straight up rap since her debut. Post-release, we sat down with Flohio to talk more about what influences her lyrics and sound, where she’s headed next (NYC may be in the works), and why she always wants to be on stage. Stopping by a studio with the singer, we also grabbed some shots featuring a custom backdrop by local London artist Butler, whose aesthetic is a perfect visual marriage with Flohio’s sonic one. Cop a look in the gallery above.

Your EP came out, congrats. How are you feeling?

Happy! I want to go onto the next step and just make more. I’m just looking forward to making the next one. So, I’m happy it’s out there.

So you’re already thinking about the next one?

Yeah—I’m just trying to get my mindset ready.

What was your creative process like for this one?

The goal was to just get the job done. I was just waiting on a lot of people but I’m happy we got the job done. It just got to one point where I had to get the job done myself. I didn’t even plan how the songs would play out. I was making songs on my own on this one to see which tracks played out perfectly.

How many tracks were you considering?

I wanted to put six tracks on there but I didn’t want to force tracks onto there. There are some tracks that would just end up on the next one—just a stand alone single.

What’s your favorite song on the EP?

“Breeze”. I really like “Breeze”.

I really like “Toxic”. That one is super exciting to hear.

“Toxic” is my second favorite one. I love performing “Toxic” best.

So how did you get your start in music?

I was so little and thought music was made for me. Just what I would watch on TV around the UK- I wrote a bunch of music one day. Hip Hop flairs and my style just started to intertwine with different genres. I can’t really say where the start came from. The more free I am, the more flexible I can be with my music.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Everyday life. Just the more stuff that happens everyday. I don’t have one subject to pinpoint. My inspiration revolves around my family, friends, and people I encounter.

Do you feel like your inspirations are unpredictable?

I could be in a meeting with friends and I could just get this outburst of excitement. I would pull out my phone or have my head down on paper. I catch myself in these random specific moments. Sometimes I can be overwhelmed with crazy emotions and then go to bed and be super relaxed. The next day, I can feel something so different and write that down on paper. So yes, my mood does affect my music.

Where’s the best place to perform in London?

There is so many places around London that are good. A lot of great places in east London. Yeah—somewhere east. I like to perform in underground places—smaller and more intimate.

I feel like performing makes music so much more real because you can feel it and you’re there in the moment. Can you tell me what you have coming up? What’s in the pipeline next year?

Doing more behind the scenes work. Live showsmaximum interviews. My mind is telling me to spend a little more time in the studio. Just cross more music. You kind of get lost- but I love performing. I always want to be on stage. Next year I want to be more indoors and cross my music more—tour more shows next year, put more visuals, more collaborations.

I’m excited to see what you come out with next year.

Yeah me too! So excited.

Artist: Flohio

Fine Artist: Butler

Photography + Creative Direction: Undine Markus

Creative Production: Holly Rae Jones

Styling: Charlotte Moss

MUA: Sogol Razi

Production Assistant: Lou Jasmine

Location: Dot Athena (Special thanks to Evelyn Tsekoura and Christos Markou)

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