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Meet The Lone Wolf Designer With A Penchant For Leather

Fashion Week is (scarily) almost here, so we wanted to check in with some of our favorite MADE designers to prep for the shows. We recently caught up with Luis Raul Solis, the designer behind LRS STUDIO. It’s an avant-garde and architectural label, one that all the cool girls are going to want to wear. According to the LRS website, Solis’ pieces “do not aim to create a spectacle nor stage a critique, but rather to refine basic elements such as fullness, lightness, and movement that re-imagine attitude.”

We talked to the designer, to get a closer look into some of his Fashion Week rituals and favorite moments in history. Shot at the legendary Christopher Street Piers of Manhattan’s West Side, MADE Tribe photographer Mark Fitton captures the essence of NYC in the 1970s. His goal was to was to display a Robert Mapplethorpe-esque vibe, with styling that echoed the seventies gay scene. Check out the photos above: we think he definitely achieved it.

What is your pre-Fashion Week ritual?

I sew, non-stop. At the moment, the team is so small, so we have no time for anything other than work.

What is the worst thing about fashion week?

The fashion. Ha! Just kidding.

What is your biggest food regret and best Fashion Week diet?  

My biggest food regret is always Five Guys burger and fries. Finishing and finalizing a collection is a true diet. We are working around the clock, so we never have time to eat!

What is your favorite thing about having your own brand?

My favorite thing about having my own brand is designing without restrictions and limitations, as well as being my own boss and collaborating with the creative people I admire.

Please describe your collection in a hashtag.


What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?  

Sun bathing. [Chuckles] I really can’t imagine myself doing anything other than fashion. It has been the only thing that brings me satisfaction.

Who is your Fashion Idol?

At the moment my Fashion Idol is David Bowie, he is a complete chameleon and trendsetter. Although, I have a couple of friends who styles I admire.

What is your favorite NYC spot or place of recommendation?

The original Jill Sander store. It was the most serene place in the middle of the infamously hectic SoHo. The store was designed beautifully, and it was my complete escape during my lunch breaks.

Do you have any secret talents or hobbies?

I recently got into collecting vintage purses from the 1920s. I love the research and [to] hunt for certain pieces. Each and every vintage purse has a story to tell.

What album or song has the most plays on your life soundtrack?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack. I’m a sweet transvestite from transexual Transylvania.

What sort of music do you listen to now?

I am currently listening to a lot of 90’s Female R&B!

What was your favorite thing about the 90’s?

My favorite thing about the 90’s was Osh kosh B’Gosh and Nike Cortez.

What was your favorite thing about 2000’s?

My favorite thing about the 2000’s was Britney profusely laughing while shaving her hair off. She went from pop star to punk star in my opinion.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Oversleeping is my guilty pleasure.

What is a life hack you can share with the rest of the world?

Life Hack: Soak gummy bears in vodka, they expand twice their original size and taste twice as good.

What is your favorite Instagram account?


Who’s in your dream squad?

I’m more of a lone wolf, I ride solo.

All photos shot by Mark Fitton.

Stay tuned to Milk for more fashion week coverage.

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