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Meet The Tyler, The Creator-Approved Artist Collaborating With Converse

Known on Instagram as Wyyacht, Wyatt Navarro is the artist putting together cool art for brands like Converse (when he isn’t behind or in front of the camera). Just recently, he did an exclusive collab with the shoemaker, showcasing his quirky drawings on a pair of simple cream-colored ‘70s high tops. Worn by the artist himself and co-signed by his good friend Tyler, the Creator, it’s been catching the attention of many.

Milk caught up with Navarro to talk more about his drawings and what’s up next for the rising west coast artist. Plus, watch a special film below courtesy of Aalany McMahan.

Where are you originally from?

I grew up in Santa Clarita, California. Before, I thought it was pretty lame out there, but now that I’m older it’s cool because I realized that there wasn’t a lot to do out there. So, my friends and I had to make our own fun and I think it’s played a role in who I am now.

When did you begin drawing? Around what period did you start taking it more seriously?

It was in 7th grade when I first started. I would draw in notebooks. Then, I got a Moleskine notebook and I drew in it all the time. It never got to a point where I started taking drawing super seriously. I just did it so much that it started becoming easier and more fun. A while back, I drew some stuff for an art show with my friend. Even then, I didn’t think of it as something serious. I had this opportunity to work with Converse on this shoe, but that’s not my end goal with my drawings.

Who would you say are your strongest influences?

I would say my friends. I keep a pretty tight circle and I really value their opinion. Tyler is definitely someone I look up to, my friend Vito who has his own clothing brand. He’s another real genuine dude I look up to. I don’t get much inspiration from other artists. I’m not on the internet enough to see what’s going on. I’m usually out of the loop with a lot of things. I try to get inspiration from being outside and my own experiences. I want to keep my work original. Even though, there will always be a hint of inspiration.

What’s the story behind your drawings for “Sometimes”?

Quite often, I draw faces and I drew one on Tyler’s shoe. This was around the time “Flower Boy” dropped and I drew the words underneath and it became the shirt graphic. There’s not a lot of significance behind my drawings. I try not to keep them super deep.

Aside from drawing, what are some of your other creative outlets?

Skateboarding. I’ve been trying to make music, but nothing too serious. I play the drums. Photography as well. I’ve been super into that lately. Whether it’s selling prints or making a zine. I think those are so cool. I made one before with my friend and we were selling them at an art show we had. We set the zines down and later on they ended up stolen. I don’t even have one. But seeing your photos in a physical form is super sick.

What do you shoot on?

I shoot on film and I use an Olympus Infinity Stylus. I’ve gone through a lot of cameras. When I first started getting into film cameras, I’d always find them at Goodwill.

What’s your biggest goal as an artist?

Probably to have a successful brand. I want to go into making clothes, but the field is so oversaturated right now. As cliche as it sounds, you don’t wanna do what everyone else is doing. One the other hand, If it’s something you’re passionate about it shouldn’t stop you. It’s cool being asked these questions because, it’s not something you think about often. I try not to plan too far ahead with anything. I usually just go with the flow of things and keep my goals realistic. I believe in law of attraction, but to a certain extent. I feel like if you have a positive attitude and take the steps to get there then it can happen.

Stay tuned to Milk for more multidimensional artists.

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