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Meet the World's Youngest Club DJ

After school activities seemed to have gotten an upgrade since any of us were in grade school. Do you remember what you were doing at age six besides playing in dirt and anticipating nap time? Well, Itsuki Morita from Japan has taken to disc jockeying—yes, as in DJing. Not only it seems, as a pastime, but also as a career, boasting the Guinness World Record for “youngest club DJ” and playing at venues across Japan. So with just a degree from pre-K and no prior internship experience, Morita is farther along his career path than most who have recently graduated.

Equipped with his very own professional Pioneer XDJ AERO decks, Morita recently played an hour long set at a restaurant and bar in Osaka, with a number of original tracks. He claims that the spark in his pursuit of mixing beats was developed when “[he] saw people DJing and thought it look[ed] fun.” With that perspective in mind, we may give competitive eating a go. In addition, Morita also named Avicii as a major inspiration and his all-time favorite DJ, but generally enjoys to spin tracks that cross disco and rock—where does Sesame Street fall under that?

Check out a video of the six year old getting litty in the club below.

Source: Guinness World Records

Images via Guinness World Records

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