Meet Wishbone: The Ultimate App for Decision Makers

Life is full of tough decisions that don’t really have a solid answer. Should I become a vegan? Should I stop buying drinks and save for student loan payments? Do I hook up with this person? Just in time to save our sanity comes Wishbone, an app that gives us clean-cut decisions with answers that provide genuine feedback, unlike any decision you make IRL.

Wishbone spins the classic game of ‘Would You Rather?’ into a more concise round of rapid-fire selection. Would you prefer Donald Trump or Kanye West to be your president? After the already legendary VMA spat, are you Team Miley or Team Nicki? Do you like jelly-filled doughnuts or iced donuts with sprinkles? Cats or dogs?! Rain or snow?!

Everything imaginable is up for the poll, but why it’s got us at Milk so excited is the opportunity to vote on some of the fantastic things happening right here. Which MADE FW look had you living, Dion Lee’s face jewels or Gypsy Sport’s head pieces? Who’s front row look was better, Bette Midler’s or Jaden Smith’s?

We’ve been excited about collaborations before, but Milk x Wishbone is a different beast altogether. The number of choices is infinite, and the poll results are a number that presidential candidates dream of. Your morning commute just got a hell of a lot more entertaining.

Get Wishbone right here and follow us @Milk

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