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Mickey Boardman On Blac Chyna & Andy Cohen's Tight Suits [NYFW]

Talking to Mickey Boardman, aka Mr. Mickey, Paper Magazine‘s legendary editorial director, is always a total treat. Boardman is famously bubblyhe’s accurately referred to himself as a “Pollyanna”—and you can always spot him during Fashion Week, wearing his trademark polo. We caught up with him at Adam Selman‘s show at MADE New York to talk Paper‘s September cover, featuring the genius Blac Chyna (aka Angela Kardashian) and Real Housewives reunions.

The September cover is amazing. Blac Chyna! Can you tell me a little bit about how that came together?

It’s so funny. We just love her. You know, we love the Kardashians, we can’t seem to help ourselves. And we had been talking about doing something with her in the past—with her and Amber Rose—and Blac Chyna last minute couldn’t do it, so we did a thing with Amber alone. And we’ve kind of just always been talking, and suddenly, someone just said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to do a shoot with her? She’s so pregnant.” We all remembered the Demi Moore pregnancy covers and things, and so it just kind of came together, and it was super easy breezy.

More @blacchyna fabulousness by @charlie__chops #beautifulpeople

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Abby Schreiber, our managing editor, just went out there and interviewed her, and you’ll see some highlights of it on Rob and Chyna on E! And you know, it’s so funny, because originally we weren’t sure if it was going to be a cover, and then we got the pictures, and I was like oh my god, throw away everything else and let’s just do a magazine filled with these. I’m just kidding, because we had a lot of other good stuff, but we saw them and immediately we were like yes, this has to be a cover, and it was completely amazing.

Do you watch any reality TV?

Well, what I like to do is watch the Real Housewives Reunions. I like having Andy [Cohen] there in a very tight suit, and you see all the highs and the lows on the three-part reunion, and that’s easier for me to handle than when they really start to fight and hate on each other—that’s too upsetting. I’m a peace-loving Libra.

So clearly you’re an Adam Selman fan. 

Yes! And Fergie is wearing Adam Selman on our other Beautiful People cover! We’re huge fans of Adam’s. He’s great, he’s downtown and cool, but at the same time he’s super professional and together. And not to pigeonhole him, but you know the Rihanna [CFDA] dress that he did is legendary.

It’s iconic.

Iconic, legend status. Makes me an addict for the rest of his career.

Photos taken exclusively for Milk by Marie Tomanova.

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