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Milk Celebrates International Women's Day

In honor and celebration of International Women’s Day at, is speaking out. We’re taking part in today’s empowerment of women, something that should happen every day, by expressing our pride in being feminists and standing alongside our female peers, friends and family. In light of the nation’s recent political climate, solidarity has proven to be an effective vehicle to express advocacy and support for marginalized or underrepresented groups. We asked our team here at Milk to speak out about why they’re proud to be a feminist, and what they do to support one another. And remember, equality is not a pie; more equality for some does not mean less equality for others.

Sarah KeatsI am proud to be a feminist because it is empowering to be a part of a movement that brings people together to make change.  

I show my support for women by approaching inequality as an intersectional issue, and making sure to listen to people within—and outside of—my community. To me, supporting people of color, the LGBTQ community, people of different religions and economic status is crucial to feminism.

Bianca ValleI’m proud to be a feminist because change is worth fighting for.

I show my support for women by doing acts that will keep all women in a positive light.

Mathias RosenzweigI am proud to be a feminist because we are on the right side of history; despite recent setbacks, I still trust that those who believe in gender equality will prevail over those who don’t. 

I show my support for women by promoting work from female artists and asking them to speak candidly about the prejudices they face in their respective industries.

Katie ZayasI’m proud to be a feminist because I believe in fighting for the rights of everyone, no matter their gender identity or race.

I show my support for women by empowering women every chance I get.

Céline BossartI’m proud to be a feminist because being anything less would mean failing to acknowledge or stand up for women’s equality.

I show my support for my fellow women by living my life as an actively vocal proponent of our human rights, fair treatment, and general standing as equals in society.

Jillian OstekI’m proud to be a feminist because I choose to listen.

I show my support for women by letting those speak who have been ignored.

Emma BanksI’m proud to be a feminist because of everything that we, as women, have accomplished. Hell hath no fury like a woman who unapologetically believes in herself. Let’s celebrate who we are and raise girls (and boys) who continue the tradition. Women’s rights are human rights! 

I show my support for women by standing in solidarity with my fellow females and using my voice to help raise up those who may not have one. 

Elena MiskaI’m proud to be a feminist because women (and men) supporting women and lifting each other up is one of the most important things we can be doing right now for one another. 

I show my support for women by collaborating and engaging with and listening to the women around me, as well as learning from the ones who I look up to and admire. 

Brandon TanI am proud to be a feminist because I support the equal rights of all disenfranchised groups. 

I show my support for women by empowering and celebrating them!!!

Kristie WilliamsI’m proud to be a feminist because there is nothing more intriguing than being a woman. Take a look at influential industries like art and music; you find controversy alongside works that celebrate and admire a woman’s energy, physical power, and musings. 

Tess KesslerI’m proud to be a feminist because females make up 50% of the population, but our unconditional respect is worth fighting for 100% of the time.

I show my support for women by openly contesting stereotypes and speaking up in situations where others cannot. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more on our support for women and political activism.

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