"Once you have ability to break into [the US market]—don’t sleep and keep on working."



Milk International: Swanky Tunes on Global EDM Stardom

The long-awaited advent of summer means one important thing for music: festival season. And festival season undoubtably brings with it the most dance-worthy of genres: EDM. Enter Swanky Tunes—with a global following to the tune of hundreds of thousands, this trio (comprised of Vadim Shpak, Dmitry Burykin and Stanislav Zaytsev), won’t simply be satisfied with a national following in their home country of Russia; instead, they’ve set their sights on international stardom, and largely reached it.

Formed when most of you reading this were still in diapers (read: 1998), Swanky Tunes has been pumping out hit beats ever since their debut album Streamline dropped in 2006. From a vintage synth sound to the group’s now near-mastery of modern EDM, Swanky Tunes has managed to evolve seamlessly with its chosen genre, and that’s perhaps the key to this group’s success: lots of damn hard work. On the heels of their latest release, Showland – Miami 2017, Swanky Tunes sat down with Milk.xyz to talk what’s next for this electronic trio; check the full interview below. 

You just released Showland – Miami 2017, with all the tracks mixed by Swanky Tunes. Congrats! Can you tell us a little about the album?

The main idea of Showland – Miami 2017 compilation is to bring a good music from up and coming producers to the wide audience. The release was tied up with annual Miami Music Week conference that happened in March. Though generally doesn’t matter when you listen to it as there are 10 cool tracks from future bass to house waiting for music lovers to make them dance and party any other time of course.

You guys have a ton of tracks on Spotify like “Be Okay” and “Till The End” that are blowing up. What has the reception been like so far?

We really experimented with our sound recently and fair to say our fans also treated that as a new adventure in our career when we started to release some more cross-over music that started to get radio support and consequently the Spotify stats. These two singles are particular examples of not typical Swanky sound but at the same time they reveal us as diverse producers not stuck with concrete cliche which many artists now have. It does not mean that we gonna change our style completely or forget about our house routes—we just show the world our other sides of production skills.

What is it like breaking into the US market of EDM as you’re based in Russia?

It means: long flights and jet lags when tour is coming. And if you mean the general fact—undoubtedly it is a thing in your life that happens pretty much rarely and this kind of success definitely brings moral satisfaction for you as a DJ, as the USA is one of the toughest markets for dance music these days. So once you have ability to break into it—don’t sleep and keep on working.

You guys are playing a lot of festivals all around the world, of course club dates, but lots of electronic festivals worldwide. Do you have a dream festival to play or time slot?

If you asked about it, let’s say five years ago, we’d answer something like, “to perform at that famous festival’s main stage or that amazing club.” Now when it happened to us many times, we’d say is time to make new goals.

What’s your creative process like from start to finish for a single?

Studio day 1—idea comes in, Studio day 2—working it out and playing with it, Studio day 3—when demo is ready we approve it between ourselves and our team and then management and our label does the rest. It is the basic example certainly and things may vary depending on the type of track and story behind it, like if it is the collaboration with other artists or a solo record.

What’s next for Swanky Tunes? Any exciting things coming up this year that you can share?

Well, in order to put it all in some short form of plan: we are just releasing the Showland Ibiza Compilation which is a nice next step with our series of compilations (coming up in August), touring the world from east to west all summer when we gonna visit Summerburst Festival, Tomorrowland, Storm, and the biggest Russian annual festival, Alfa Future People, and of course we have a good amount of clubs shows and festivals all over Europe and Asia. A very important part of the summer plan is a Russian tour, which now has a massive date schedule due to us being the main DJ act locally after years of hard work and brewing out brand.

Featured image courtesy of Swanky Tunes

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