Check out this new, fresh collab from Milk Makeup and Burton: an extremely lightweight carrying case, perfect for the makeup artist on the go.



Milk Makeup x Burton Is The Unexpected Collab You've Been Waiting For

If you’ve ever dunked your face into a glass of red wine for a light lip tint, or used the excess oil from your greasy lunch to dab onto your cupid’s bow for a nice, mid-day glow, then you know the trials and challenges that often come with makeup—in particular, applying makeup. In fact, Milk Makeup, Milk’s coveted beauty line, was conceived, in part, to combat such frustration. They get that, on an average weekday, most of us are hard-pressed to find a couple minutes to devote to doing our makeup. Milk Makeup’s commitment to accessibility is steadfast—and comes second only to making fantastic products.

Which is why, when they decided to release a makeup bag, they beelined straight for the snowboarding mainstay, Burton, and not a traditional beauty brand. Yes it’s true that, when initially designing their bags, Burton didn’t have beauty bloggers in mind. But like winter athletes, makeup artists and full-time beauty bloggers need a lightweight bag to carry their goods, too. And Milk and Burton have collaborated before, with aplomb; a line of hoodies and backpacks was insanely popular.

We’re as excited about the Milk x Burton collaboration as this snowboarding dog.

Makeup artists are constantly on the go, running to shoots, fashion shows, and more. They all need easily transportable bags for storing loads of product, and Burton’s suitcases are light as a feather–when using Burton storage, makeup artists don’t need to worry about getting bogged down when traveling, or removing items from their kits to make them lighter. Burton just makes the daily schlep easier, and making life easier is what Milk Makeup is all about. And these guys aren’t just suitcases: they’ve got specialized compartments for product storage, as well as a selection of Milk Makeup itself.

Unfortunately, these miraculous cases aren’t available for sale just yet. 200 #blessed makeup artists will be gifted the kits first. If all goes well, they could be put into production. Keep your fingers crossed…

Stay tuned to Milk for more on Milk x Burton

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