The second installment of the Live Your Look movement captures the spectrum of what it means to be "feminine" today.



Milk Makeup x Elle Release "Shades of Femininity"

Milk Makeup started 2017 off with a bang: by releasing their long-awaited self-love campaign ever so aptly titled Live Your Look. Much more than a simple marketing message, Live Your Look is a bonafide movement, and thus encapsulates everything Milk Makeup stands for—like embracing your imperfections, emphasizing individualism, and straight up personal empowerment (no matter how much or how little makeup you actually wear).

Phase one of Live Your Look dropped earlier this year—the dope AF “Blur The Lines” vid—and now we’re here to celebrate phase two, created in collaboration with Elle Magazine: “Shades of Femininity”. As far as the mission behind “Shades”, Milk Makeup said it best themselves:

“Our goal was to break down boundaries between each subject to ultimately reveal that we are all unified in connecting to our unique powers and have more in common than we know.”

For “Shades of Femininity”, six people were interviewed by co-founder and creative director Georgie Greville about their relationship to makeup and what personal empowerment means for them when creating a ~look~. If it wasn’t already obvious, femininity (and gender, in general) is a spectrum, and Milk Makeup is here to represent and cater to as many shades as possible. Thus, “Shades of Femininity” couldn’t have come at a more apt time. Check the video above, and watch all six individual interviews here.

Featured image courtesy of Milk Makeup 

Stay tuned to Milk for more beauty dominance.

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