Empress Of, the upcoming Google Play x Milk featured artist.



Google Play Music x Milk Is Not Your Standard Emerging Artist Series

Finding out about new music is simply not as easy as it once was. Unless you have the immeasurable patience required to wade through dense music reviews, or an in-the-know younger sibling, your best bet is posting up within earshot of the Barclays Center. Thankfully, however, there’s a new partnership between Milk and Google Play Music, the massively successful subscription streaming service, that will put an end to your joyless search for new music. The collaboration is a new endeavor for Milk that aims to support, foster, and launch the careers of up-and-coming artists. As Mazdack Rassi, founder of Milk Studios, explains, “Partnering with Google Play allows us to connect a global audience with the next generation of talent we see come through the doors of Milk every day.”

Kicking off this Thursday in the Milk JamRoom with a performance by the smoldering New York-based solo artist Empress Of, the partnership will continue on for the next couple months, promoting a handful of other artists cherry-picked by Milk and Google Play Music. Each chosen artist will perform in the Milk JamRoom—our storied, underground space where casual (re: not at all casual) artists such as Patti Smith, Blood Orange, A$AP Rocky, and 2 Chainz have performed—and will have access to Milk’s New York facilities and sourced talent.

Theophilus London and Dev Hynes, performing in the legendary Milk JamRoom.

Yet more so than a platform for emerging artists, the partnership is also dedicated to bringing back the old school, febrile energy of live performances that’s been dwindling ever since the dawn of the digital age. So expect oodles of audio and visual offerings, such as performance footage and day-in-the-life style documentaries, to be released on Google Play Music, Milk’s website, the artists’ sites, YouTube, Vevo, and other channels over the course of the next couple months.

Empress Of, née Lorely Rodriguez, is working with director Phil Pinto on her Thursday performance. As for future performances, Milk and Google Play Music already have West Coast rapper Kyle in the pipeline, and are planning to feature four more additional artists between now and June.

With Milk’s unparalleled resources and vast audience of influencers, and Google Play Music’s 35 million-song library, there’s no question that this mind meld is destined for good things.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Google Play music.

Images via Erez Avissar and Empress Of. 

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