Yelle has one piece of advice for her upcoming tour: get ready to sweat!



MILK.XYZ International: France's Yelle is Reviving Safari Disco Club

Yelle is a soft-spoken, polite French woman, otherwise known as Julie Budet, with one very important vice: super amped up, electro pop music that’s perfect for the club. And that’s exactly where she’s taking it (with partner-in-crime GrandMarnier, i.e. Jean-François Perrier, of course): to small clubs all across North America, where her one piece of advice is strictly practical: get ready to sweat!

With Yelle’s international tour launching today in Philly, we couldn’t think of a better time to sit down with the songstress to talk the new single, “Romeo”, what tour life means for this duo, and why Safari Disco Club is making a serious comeback. Check the new track and our full interview with Yelle, below, and if you’re Stateside, make sure to catch them on tour (we’re looking at Boston on October 5, Chicago on October 8, San Francisco on October 27, 28, and 29, LA on November 3, 4, and 5, and of course, coming up first, NYC on September 29, 30, and October 1 as key can’t-miss dates).

“Romeo” just dropped last Friday, so how are you feeling?

I’m really excited about writing that song, we really wanted this year, 2017, to do something different. Even if we don’t have a new record yet, we wanted to feel free, to work on a song, and have it done, and release it like that, without really thinking about the whole story. We are really excited about this one because it really matches the September mood and getting into winter and into the summer, and the song is kind of melancholy, it’s supposed to be, true love, bigger than you, bigger than me. We are excited and at the same time, afraid, because every time it’s kind of weird to have a song and just drop it and you don’t know if people are going to like it, but actually we really like the song and are really proud so, yeah, I hope people are going to like it.

I’m sure they will! Is it based off of personal experience or what was the inspiration?

Actually, I can’t remember… we started with the music, and it really brought something melancholic, something really like a mood, you know it’s the end of summer, you know it’s going to stop, but you still want to have it and enjoy it. Sometimes I think we forget to enjoy the moment, we are always working, like, “I don’t like my job, I want to change, or I don’t like my partner,” we’re most of the time focusing on the bad. We really wanted to focus on the crazy feeling, and I know we are always talking about love, but it’s probably the most important thing in life, sharing love, it’s really about that, like a parallel between this intense feeling when you are at a party and you’re having a really good time, and you just feel good, and sometimes when you are deeply in love, it’s a peaceful feeling. We wanted to make a connection between these two moments, and even if I don’t do drugs, I really compare the song to something like that on drugs—like nothing can touch you. But it’s something you can share with people. When I’m onstage, I’m always looking for that feeling, it’s really a drug for me to go on stage and perform, I can really feel the power and energy of the people and it feeds me actually. There is a parallel between these two crazy feelings.

Have you been on tour in the US before?

Yes, we did a few shows in the US since we started in 2007. We started in Sweden and then came quickly to the US at Coachella a few times, and had a chance to go all around, so we are excited to come back and to reconnect with people. We received lots of messages from our fans who are excited for the show, and even if we don’t have a new record, we have a few new tracks. I think, for me, it’s really an experience to perform on stage, and I think people can really feel it. I think we built something strong with our fanbase here in the US, and it’s great that we can continue to share and come, and it’s going to be different because it’s a club version, but it’s dance-y and fun, and I feel like it will be fun.

Well I saw that all your New York shows were sold out, so everyone is eager to see you guys.

[Laughs] Yes, I saw that a few days ago and I think it’s crazy. It’s a really good sign that people are happy to see us again.

It’s really impressive since you haven’t dropped the album yet, but you’ve still sold out the tour. That’s great!

[Laughs] Yes! That’s crazy.

When do you think the album will come out?

I don’t have a date to give you, but we hope spring, but it’ll depend on the next few months. We have a lot of songs that we started, and after the tour in the US, we’ll be back in the studio working on it. In a way, it’s weird, because sometimes you’re really inspired and quick in making things, but sometimes it takes longer. I think between albums, we need two or three years to work on things, to make sure we like the songs, and to be ready to come back with new ideas and new stories, and we like to take our time. So I’d say spring, maybe later, but I hope spring.

Well, we hope so too! My last question is, what are most looking forward to on the tour?

I’m curious about the people’s reactions about the new version, because when we first started doing Yelle, we had this club version we did a few times in Europe. The connection—because we were playing in a smaller venue—you can touch them, you can go easily in the crowd, you can dance with them on stage, it’s really about that. I really want to reconnect with that, because playing in bigger venues is really incredible, there’s so many people, but it’s not the same energy. In clubs you can really feel the people, and for me, it’s really important for me to keep that. I’m excited to see if we can reconnect more with this energy, and yeah, to create something different. I think it’s important to come back to your roots sometimes, and to try new things. We upgraded a lot in the past 10 years, working on the stage, on the lights, but it’s great to come back to your roots, our old records, and to write some new songs and some remixes. It’s interesting to try new things, and I hope people like it, understand the game, and we’ll see, but I’m excited!

Featured image courtesy of Jean-François Perrier

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