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MILK.XYZ International: Pomona Dream

Ribbs and Sandra Bang’s first encounter was digital, and, as it happens, mostly accidental (a Soundcloud mixup brought the two together, so no, this isn’t a case study on the effectiveness of Tinder). Nevertheless, it was an apparent match-made-in-heaven situation—when Ribbs and Bang finally met IRL, the music practically fell out of them, and they subsequently wrote, produced, and mastered five tracks in a mere four days.

Fast forward to 2017, and the creation of “Tropicana” proved equally spur-of-the-moment—a nostalgic trip down memory lane for Bang was all it took to bring the song to life (in one sitting, no less). And though the Swedish pair describes their sound as “Future Jazz Psycho Bop,” here’s betting it’s reach will expand far beyond the boundaries of four small words (“Tropicana” is just one example of what’s to come). Listen to the new single below, then keep scrolling for our full chat with Pomona Dream for this week’s edition of MILK.XYZ International.

So “Tropicana” came out a few weeks ago—what has the reception been like so far?

Way better than we dared to hope for! Before we released it we didn’t know what to expect. The song has a lot of different elements compared to our previous releases and has a sound that is different in every way compared to other music released in 2017, so it was kind of a gamble. But it totally worked out and we reached a wider audience with this one!

Totally, I think the fact that it’s unique like you said is what makes people love it. What’s the story behind the track?

Bangs: I was going through old photo albums at my parents’ house when I stumbled across one that I hadn’t noticed before. The photos were from a trip to Rio de Janeiro that my mom and grandmother made in the mid-80’s. I found it so inspiring to see them in that environment together and right then and there I got the inspiration for the song.  I started composing it and didn’t stop until I was totally finished with it. I love this song and having my dad playing the flute on it is really personal to me.

So cool. And is “Tropicana” off of a new album, or what are you guys working on right now?

Right now we’re working on more music we want to release this year! We’re also working on a music video for “Tropicana” that will be out very soon! We are so excited about that one!

So I know you had a super interesting way of meeting—can you tell me about that mistake SoundCloud notification story? So cute.

Ribbs: I can’t remember how, but I found Sandra on Soundcloud and started following her. I really loved the music she was composing and thought it was very original. After a couple of months I noticed that Sandra was credited on my Soundcloud page on all my tracks, it looked like I just had reposted them. So I took a screen shot and sent it to her jokingly saying she had a lot of explaining to do. Everything emerged from there. We kept in touch, sharing and discussing music. It all led up to a real life meeting at a venue in Gothenburg “Jazzhuset”, and the day after that Pomona Dream was born. We made five tracks from scratch to master in the first four days. [Laughs]

Wow. How would you guys describe your sound? Like, what sets Pomona Dream apart from other people making pop music?

We always describe our music as Future Jazz Psycho Bop, for lack of a better term. It’s always hard to label music in one word, especially when you’re trying to create music inspired by so many different genres. Picking just one wouldn’t justify the music. It shouldn’t really be up to the artist to label the music because as an artist you’re always trying to reinvent and develop your expression and labeling it is essentially doing the opposite.

Are you guys based full time in Sweden? What’s the scene like out there?

Our take on the Swedish scene is that it has a lot of opportunities if you are willing to compromise and adapt to the current order of things. Since day one we’ve been on the look out for a place better suited for our music and the internet has really helped. The US in general and Los Angeles, in particular, has been very welcoming to our sound and vibe. KCRW described us as having a SoCal sound, and that really made us feel like we found a home.

What’s it like breaking into a US market like SoCal? Or is that just irrelevant now with the internet connecting us all no matter where we actually are?

The internet has made geography less relevant for sure! But the scene is still very different in the US compared to Sweden. We really wish we could spend more time in the US and hopefully in the near future we will be able to.

What’s next for you guys in terms of new music or other exciting news? 

We have so much music in store and we’re planning on releasing at least a couple of more singles this year! Also, we’re planning on going back to LA this fall to connect with our friends and associates over there.

Featured image courtesy of Pomona Dream

Stay tuned to Milk for more dream duos. 

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