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Milk.XYZ Presents: KidSuper

KidSuper’s ready to hit the big court.

In an original collaboration with Milk.XYZ, we had the exclusive opportunity to get a peek into the creative genius behind the colorful world of KidSuper. An incredible designer and creator with a unique process from the ground up, he’s not afraid of a little kryptonite. Bold, brash, and badass, check out the photos and video showcasing KidSuper’s looks, and our interview with him, too. He’s an inspiration—making us want to find and tap into the “super” within us all.

How do music and fashion intertwine for you?

When I first started making t-shirts I was in high school and there was no Instagram. We were selling t-shirts to our friends, but no one else. How were we going to get people that did not know us to buy our clothing?  We struggled, broke up, went to college, etc and I went solo. The first thing I did when I went solo was contact musicians. I honestly did not see it as a marketing scheme, I just loved that since I made t-shirts, I could now contact and collaborate with different people. I knew I had to take this KidSuper idea and make it real, make a physical location that would embody the idea of collaboration, creativity and endless possibilities.

When I was a sophomore in college I was kicked out of my dorm for selling t-shirts. I found a store and moved into the back. I remember building the store and getting it ready for the opening — how was I going to get people to come out? I needed performers. Music and KidSuper have gone hand and hand. For the opening, the basement was a concert, packed. Then I had a store and I was sitting there all day without much foot traffic. Had I created this space, just to work retail? No. So, I decided to make every part of the store/building a workspace from art to photography to music. I hand built a recording studio in the basement, and many artists started coming, living, and collaborating. The studio just went platinum. Yes platinum. I have a plaque. Crazy, KidSuper and music are synonymous. We are starting KidSuper records.

What would you be doing if you weren’t designing?

Ideally, I would be a professional soccer player or a movie director or a dancer. But honestly, I created KidSuper on an idea that anything is possible if you work hard enough.  So, if or when I do do all those other things, it still fits under the KidSuper world. I already won a film festival for claymation and I have a soccer tryout in December.

How do you define success?

I do not feel successful. It is definitely not a money thing, but I think it’s more of a capabilities thing. Can I do everything I want to do right now? Obviously money helps.

How does the digital world merge with the real world for you creatively, as well as personally?

We live in a digital world, we almost do everything for some kind of digital response. It’s funny because I think my digital world perception is more successful than I feel. Which is the goal: fake it ‘til you make it.

How has your work evolved over the years?

People are taking me more seriously, so I in return am taking myself more seriously. I went from t-shirt designing to galleries. It was not the traditional route, but for me, there was no other option — no one was asking for my paintings until I got recognition for the clothing. This was my path, I hope it is accepted and respected in the art world. I could have gone to art school, but there was pressure on me to get a math degree.  Hopefully the work speaks for itself and I can go to the next echelon of “art”, whatever that means.

What does creativity mean to you?

I was a math major in college and everyone always is blown away — how can you make t-shirts and paint and be a mathematician? To me creativity is problem solving. How can you find the best solution to a problem whether that problem is a math question, or how to fill in a canvas.

Talent: Allison Ponthier, Bridie Chillemi, and Erica Candice

Creative Direction courtesy of Roberto Max Salas

Photos courtesy of Tawfick.

Styling courtesy of John Santos

Hair and Makeup courtesy of Natalia Mejia and Sam Kirshner

Video courtesy of Jon Krippahne and Matt Lucier. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more collabs. 

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