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MILK.XYZ Teams up With Life in Perfect Disorder: Peep The Tee

Actions speak louder than words, and a tee shirt that is printed with a beloved phrase means that much more when 100 percent of profits are being donated to the ACLU. Enter the MILK.XYZ x Life in Perfect Disorder tee: emblazoned with a holographic “Boys will be girls / Girls will be boys”, this white T shirt represents everything we stand for (think gender fluidity, androgynous fashion, and the like) while fashionably repping it all the while (because what’s a motto if it’s not stylish AF?).

What’s more, that ACLU quip was no joke; in a world where political instability becomes more normal everyday, and those who are marginalized require our help, action, and justice (now more than ever), there’s no time like the present to amp up your activism. What seems like just a plain white tee becomes so much more when you know it lands on the side of those seeking justice. Facts.

If it wasn’t obvious, it’s no secret that we’ve been repping gender fluidity since day one—it’s just that now, we’ve finally got the shirts that prove it. Check the slideshow above for the full Milk rooftop lookbook, then get your own tee here. Oh, and since one hundred percent of profits go the the ACLU, maybe grab one for a friend, too. They’ll thank you later.

Stay tuned to Milk for more dope collabs. 

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