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1/6 — Our bass player's family used to deal Pogs in the 90s and we made them bring some of these basement-bound relics to the show in Detroit. A post-show Pog match went down hard backstage. There might be a Pogs-themed song on our upcoming album....



Milk.xyz Travel Diary: Coast Modern

If you missed Coast Modern on their musical jaunt round the States for AltNation’s Advanced Placement tour (alongside Sundara Karma, Missio, and 888), have no fear: they were, thankfully, fully equipped on the road, disposable camera always at the ready. A few stops (and one film store) later, and we find ourselves at the Mecca of tour photos: a gold mine that begs itself to be properly looted. From candids to pre- and post-show snaps, it’s safe to say this photo diary, courtesy of Coleman Trapp and Luke Atlas, is not one to be missed.

“From our windshield-sunbaked disposable camera comes a few slices of life on the road as we toured the US this spring,” the duo says. “There’s still something magical about film photos like this in the digital age, and it goes beyond nostalgia. Maybe it’s the immediacy behind the spontaneous blinding flash and the dusty imperfections of the pics that look a little closer to the hazy memories we keep.”

LA-based Coast Modern has been dropping hot singles left and right for the past few months, and their latest is nothing short of the perfect summer soundtrack; listen to “Dive” here and stay tuned for a brand-new record, dropping later this year.

Images courtesy of Coast Modern

Stay tuned to Milk for more travel diaries. 

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