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Milk.xyz Travel Diary: Germany & France With Bianca Valle

Bianca Valle left us for Europe, ate avo toast, rolled through real life Disneyland, and basically straight up lived her look…and we got the postcard. Real talk: it ain’t nothing like the real thing. Second best? A quaint AF photo diary from our very own Community Manager’s springtime jaunt through a few select cities: Berlin, Freiburg, and Paris, France. She hooked it up and now we’re posting about it; peep the full visual recap above.

“Upon returning from Europe, the question people asked me most was, ‘In Germany, did you eat schnitzel for every meal?’ The answer is no, people! In Berlin, you can get your avocado toast with poached eggs on it just like NYC. If anything, it’s way tastier there because produce is so fresh and cheap. The latte you order after your toast is also half the price in Berlin. Aside from the cheap, trend-forward, health conscious food, the streets are enchanting as hell. Wide and uniform. I was also in Freiburg, which is in the south of Germany. A quaint little town straight out of a story book with its fountain filled plazas and classic gothic churches, a European dream. Paris was also a destination point for me on this trip. Paris is just like Disneyland, when you walk on the beautiful streets, your stomachs flips with excitement. There is no other place, besides Disneyland of course, that can cause your heart to bust out of your chest. Simply magic folks.”

Images courtesy of Bianca Valle

Stay tuned to Milk for more visual diaries. 

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