Time to get ready for summer. Just FYI: the '90s are still refusing to die.



Milk’s Summer Guide to Reliving Your Best '90s Childhood Memories

As the summer rays officially turn the city streets into heaps of hot garbage and the subway platforms into the sweaty sauna of your nightmares, it’s easy to drift off into daydreams. It’s our go-to antidote to being pressed into a tourist’s sweaty back: dreaming about water balloon fights and living in a world not yet overrun by the backlit screens you’re reading this on. That hot smell of actual feces you’re smelling on the city streets? Easily forgotten with a rosy throwback to chlorine-scented of hanging out in your friend’s pool with an array of pool noodles and floaties.

Alright, so we use memories of our childhood to cope with sweat, stress, and adulthood—no matter what the season. It’s a common coping tool these days, if the seemingly immortal ’90s comeback is any indication. And this summer is shaping up to be no different. Once again, the best moments from our childhood have risen from their half-dug graves to influence everything from our concert plans and wardrobes, our reading lists and makeup routines. To help ease you into a constant state of nostalgia (if you aren’t already there), here are our five essential tips to reliving all your favorite childhood memories.

Dress for Camp in Ader Error’s “Adolescence” Summer Collection

We’re kind of dying over Korean brand Ader Error’s newest gender neutral collection, fit for either a sunny summer or your first day at elementary school. Primary colors splash onto polos, tube socks, and upside-down skirts. Shirts and hats emblazoned with “valet,” “water boy,” “part time,” and “tip please” have us lost in daydreams about the summer job we loved to hate (frozen yogurt shops in local malls, anyone? No? Cool.). It all makes us want to travel back in time to summer camp, climb mountains, and return to our glory days of being the resident thot of Cabin Six.

The shitty summer job look is our new go-to for summer.
The shitty summer job look is in right now—and don’t forget it.

Jam to the Sweet Sounds of Vanilla Ice, 98 Degrees, and More

We already reached for the LifeAlert when we heard that an I Love the ’90s Tour is hitting the road with Vanilla Ice, Salt-N-Pepa, Spinderella, Biz Markie, Coolio, Color Me Badd, and more. That’s a lineup made in bedazzled CD case heaven. Yet somehow, lightning struck twice. The B-list boy band we low-key loved, 98 Degrees, also announced a reunion tour. For their appropriately titled My2K Tour, they’re bringing back musicians whose posters you used to rip out of copies of Tiger Beat magazine. Ryan Cabrera, Dream, and O-Town are all hitting the road to ease you into a fever dream of sonic throwbacks. It’s officially time to dust off your Walkman.

When #My2KTour calls, you answer. ☎️: Link in bio!

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Escape to the Cinema for A Heavy Dose of Childhood Nostalgia

This summer, movies are heading back to your childhood yet again, because in Hollywood, everything old is new (and sexier). When you go to the movies this summer to escape the sweltering heat, you’ll be met with such much-needed throwbacks as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Independence Day: Resurgence, and the new Ghostbusters. Get ready; they’ll be filling the quota for your annual dose of nostalgia.

Go from Bitch to Babe in MAC’s ’90s-Inspired Color-Changing Lip Balm

If you didn’t own a mood ring as a child, you at least knew someone who did—and you were probably a giant nerd. That’s okay, though, because color-changing accessories are back and they’re going from your fingers to your lips. MAC Cosmetics is releasing a line called Tendertalk Lip Balm that includes five different hues—from baby pink to juicy berry—to ensure you spend your summer as the ’90s dream queen you were meant to be.

In the mood to give some 'tude? MAC's giving us the 90s lip balm we always wanted.
In the mood to give some ‘tude? MAC’s giving us the ’90s lip balm we always wanted.

Reread Your Scholastic Book Fair Favs Before Hollywood Ruins Them

We may still be recovering from the colossally disappointing news that CBS passed on a Nancy Drew TV show because it was “too female,” but at least we have one book-to-TV adaptation to look forward to. another adaptation of book series from our school library’s book fair to look forward to. The Boxcar Children, the crowned jewel of your elementary school book fair and the acclaimed series about a bunch of orphans on an abandoned train that sold more than 70 million books worldwide, is being made into a series of animated movies. We’re not sure what story they’ll pick, but with over 150 to choose from, we’re leaning toward the page-turning 46th book: The Chocolate Sundae Mystery.

Welcome back to the Scholastic Book Fair, also known as your second home.
Welcome back to the Scholastic Book Fair, also known as your second home.

Lead image by Kathryn Chadason. Images via MAC, My2K Tour, Ader Error, and Scholastic.

Stay tuned to Milk for more reasons to feel nostalgic. 

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