Missy is still working it harder than anyone in the game



Missy Elliott Is Back and Still Wearing The Wildest Jumpsuits Ever

Remember when Missy Elliott and the dancing shark were the best things about Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show? Well we’ve got good news, and it has nothing to do with aquatic animals. Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott has returned to grace our lives with what may be her craziest video yet—and that’s saying a lot. After releasing her infamous sixth album The Cookbook a decade ago and resurfacing for two Timbaland collabs in 2012, the five-time Grammy Award winner and only female rapper to have six albums certified platinum by the RIAA is back to kill it.

Missy's new video is set in a world straight out of a Stefon sketch and we are so about it.
Missy’s new video is set in a world straight out of a Stefon sketch and we are so about it.

The Internet collectively flipped its shit this morning when people began watching the video for “WTF (Where They From).” We loooooved seeing Missy step out in a blinding silver-plated light-up tracksuit that puts your grandma’s velour tracksuit collection to shame. The video plays out like an unaired Stefon sketch–it features everything from the aforementioned tracksuit, child dancers, marionette Pharrell Williams rapping about being Optimus Prime, synchronized dancing in ’97 Biggie’ beanies, a sick pop art tracksuit that changes when she spins, and a room full of boxes of sleeping people that she dances around of. It’s the hottest nightclub scene ever if you’re into napping in cardboard squares and breakdancing.

As we leave the video on repeat and wonder how Timbaland was able to produce a song that effortlessly blended the sounds of futuristic pop, current hits, and classic Missy, we’ll be waiting impatiently for more info about the currently untitled album.

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