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1/16 — During fashion week I stayed in Chinatown and it's nothing like any other chinatowns I've been to before. Chinatown in Milan is beautiful as it sits in central, historic Milan. The window displays are my favorite.



Miyako Bellizzi Captures Milan FW Like You've Never Seen it Before

In an industry that measures success not by talent or creativity but by likes and clicks, identifying the true creatives can be a difficult task. Which is why, when we are able to discern bona fide talent amidst a deluge of knock-offs, we make sure to showcase it. Take NYC-based photographer, stylist, sometimes model, and all around bar-raising artist Miyako Bellizzi. She’s one of those women who can spearhead style trends in her sleep, who’s relentlessly driven, and who wouldn’t let any amount of success compromise her artistic integrity. Currently traveling Europe for the various fashion weeks, Bellizzi took this opportunity to snap some photos for us—and first up is a little series chronicling her time during Milan Fashion Week. Without a trace of humblebragging or logos (except if they’re being worn by dogs), think of this as your average fashion week photo diary—except not at all, not even a little. 

Below, find a brief introduction penned by Bellizzi—and then check out her photos above, complete with her colorful commentary.

This was my first time spending fashion week in Milan; I’ve always wanted to experience another fashion week as I only know NYFW. And if I could sum up my experience in one word, it would be CHIC. Every facet of Milan Fashion Week is chic: the people, the parties, the style. I felt a bit out of place at first, but was quickly welcomed with warm arms once I met the right people. Here are photos of my experience. 

All images taken exclusively for Milk by Miyako Bellizzi.

Stay tuned to Milk for more tantalizing photo diaries. 

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