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MoMA's New Photography Class Isn't About Taking Photos

Put down the selfie sticks and step away from filters. With the invention of Instagram came the idea that anybody could be a photographer as long as you can crop your photos and avoid the Toaster filter—but at least one museum disagrees. Don’t worry, though. They’re here to help. The Museum of Modern Art thinks your photography skills could use some work, so they’re offering help in the form of free online photography classes. Albeit, with a requisite bit of shade. A line from their course description reads, “Although taking, sharing, and viewing photographs has become second nature for many of us, our regular engagement with images does not necessarily make us visually literate.” 

While there aren’t any statistics on America’s visual literacy rates (I Googled), the MoMA wants to tackle the problem firsthand by bringing culture to the masses. The class will specifically be about “address[ing] the gap between seeing and truly understanding photographs by introducing a diversity of ideas, approaches, and technologies that inform their making,” rather than just snapping photos willy-nilly, or perfecting your art selfie.

The class is six weeks long with a quiz at the end of every week. The weekly subjects include, “Introduction to Seeing Through Photographs”; “One Subject, Many Perspectives”; “Documentary Photography”; “Pictures of People”; “Constructing Narratives & Challenging Histories”; and “Ocean of Images: Photography & Contemporary Culture.” At the end of the course, there will be a final project where you choose an image that could go with one of the themes to show your visual literacy enlightenment—and prove you weren’t just taking photos of yourself on Photobooth the whole time. 

Want to step away from the selfies and learn more about art? Sign up to take the class.

Imagery via Tumblr. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more art—and more selfies.

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