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Moschino Was Jeremy Scott’s Kaleidoscopic, Sunny Ode To LA

There’s a reason Jeremy Scott’s much-lauded documentary is called The People’s Designer. Unlike other in-demand designers today, Scott doesn’t exist in some sort of glass display dome. Far from untouchable, he’s down-to-earth, approachable, and designs not for some obscure, consecrated being, but for real people. And last night, the Moschino men’s spring 2017 and women’s resort 2017 collections that he showed for the launch of MADE L.A., Scott designed for his closest friends—the ones that personify his beloved home, LA. “It’s my love letter to LA!” he told me. “Like all the benchmarks of the things that I love about [it]—the color; the pop, Hawaiian, ‘60s surfer kind of vibe; multicultural vibes; [and] the theatrical element of Los Angeles, which I love so much! [It’s] kind of like my look at the ‘it’ girls and boys who come [here].” And the ‘it’ boys and girls really turned out for the show. Attendees included Katy Perry, Amber RoseCaitlyn Jennerand Cindy Crawford. Supermodels also ran the runway, with Chanel Iman, Charlotte Free, Devon Aoki, Anna Cleveland, Miranda Kerr, and Alessandra Ambrosio all hitting the catwalk.

This season wasn’t unlike Scott’s approach to most of his past collections: a medley of vivid, mismatched prints and sunny colors, of stripes, ’60s psychedelic flowers, tiger prints, leopard print, and granny square knits. At times, it looked as if tigers and leopards had eaten acid, and then exploded into fierce, patchwork dresses, denim jackets, slim fitting suits, and flared pants that harkened back to ‘90s era Moschino, when bell-bottoms with vertical panels of clashing, bold prints reigned.

Scott has an unmatched talent for seizing hold of kitschy, oftentimes tired aesthetics—the Barbie trope and the fast food motif, to name just a few—infusing them with his unquenchably effusive spirit, and then regurgitating them like you’ve never seen them before. Take the umbrella hat. The accessory that had once lost me a great many friends—and almost the very people that birthed me—was in full form last night. And by full form I mean in its original, stock-photo-chic iteration, with slight, Jeremy-flavored modifications. And the umbrella hat wasn’t the only surprising, throwback head accessory he triumphantly revived either; there were also bucket hats, baggy pageboy hats, oversized floppy hats, and those Dr. Seuss hats that were cool when Seal sang about being kissed from a rose.

But of all the classic Jeremy-isms, there was one markedly new element that he added to the mix: embroidery. Indian mirrored embroidery, to be more precise, which was surely the “multicultural vibes,” he was talking about. It came in matching, itty-bitty sets that would please a ‘90s era Madonna, and found its way onto hats, crocheted bikini tops, flared pants, tuxedo jackets, and onto his classic pink Barbie-like tracksuit.

Like the cherry on top of the swarm of bronzed buttocks that greeted me backstage.

Stay tuned to Milk for more from MADE L.A.

Images shot exclusively for Milk by Byron Spencer and Andrew Boyle.

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