The one and only...Once Upon A Time in Shaolin.



Most Hated Man In America Buys Rarest Wu-Tang Album

As Dr. Evil and Mugatu know, a supervillain must revel in luxury and excess. Martin Shkreli, pharmaceutical CEO, has finally made the full transition to comic book nemesis. Not only did he spike the price of Daraprim, a necessary AIDS medication, from $13.50 a pop to $750–a decision he gleefully defended by saying he “would’ve raised the prices higher” if he could turn back time–he has now been revealed as the anonymous buyer of Wu-Tang Clan’s one-of-a-kind album. Does Shkreli’s cruelty know no bounds?

Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is a gem. Only one copy of the limited edition, collector’s item was ever produced, and it’s a 31-song album packaged beautifully in a silver and nickel plated, jeweled case. With the album comes a 174-page leather-bound manuscript featuring lyrics, production credits, and personalized stories, all printed on “gilded Fedrigoni Marina parchment.” The album reportedly features Cher, select players from FC Barcelona, and the grim consequences of laissez-faire economics. (Oh, and held underwraps in a vault in Morocco’s Royal Mansour Marrakech hotel.)

This could’ve been an album for the people–a failed fan-run Kickstarter attempted to keep the single copy out of collectors’ hands. Unfortunately, the reality is much, much worse. Shkreli, a self-proclaimed recluse who is currently live-streaming himself as he flips through Excel spreadsheets (really), may be a hip-hop head, but he isn’t the ideal buyer for Wu-Tang’s new album, especially since he is now the only person who could leak the album to true Wu fans.

Wu-Tang beat-maker extraordinaire RZA responded to the controversy, pointing out that the sale of the album was settled early in the year, well before Shkreli’s megalomania had caught the media’s eye. As for Shkreli–a man so reviled that the other most hated man this week called him “a spoiled brat”–the CEO dismissed any notion of betrayal to Wu fans, saying, “they didn’t buy the last album or the one before that.” To Shkreli, a royal “Fuck you, too.” Signed, Everyone.

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