For someone whose rallies double as free indie band concerts, a music festival feels very appropriate.



Move Over Coachella, Berniechella Is Coming To Town

Being packed like sardines in the Sahara Tent smoking communal blunts is what hundreds of thousands of people paid to do at Coachella this year. But now, you can do that for free at Berniechella, where you’ll be able to feel the Bern amongst the other 1,500 to 3,000 Bernie bros who are expected to be at the event cheering on their favorite Democratic socialist. “It’s a party of people who are in support of a particular candidate,” said event organizer Tizoc DeAzltan. Beginning today, April 21st, and continuing until tomorrow, April 22nd, Berniechella is sort of like, except in real life and in the form of a lit, pseudo block party rally.

Berniechella! It's happening!
Berniechella! It’s happening!

The only catch is: Bernie might not even be there. Apparently Bernie’s representatives haven’t said whether or not Bernie will be there. Yet that matters little to Mayor Emmanuel Martinez, who’s just looking forward to the lucrative impact the event will have on the local economy. Capitalism, right?! (Ironic considering it’s a Bernie rally, but we’ll go with it.) “When these opportunities come, I think we need to take advantage of them,” the Mayor said, before adding, “I’d love to see Hillary here too.” 

The event may not have been able to nail down Bernie just yet, but they have been able to nail down some performances by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s former frontman Alex Ebert, as well as DJ sets by Shepard Fairey and Zoe Kravitz. Even if you’re not into Berniechella, but find yourself a few days early in Indio for Coachella weekend two, you still might want to make an appearance at the event—it’s going to have beer gardens, food trucks, and art exhibitions. And, really, what’s better than eating tacos while drunk and talking about paintings? If you aren’t on the west coast today and tomorrow and still want to support Bernie, you can head over to Prospect Park this Sunday and join the man himself for a rally. Grizzly Bear will be there too. 

Berniechella runs today and tomorrow in Indio, California, featuring performances by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s frontman Alex Ebert with DJ sets by Shepard Fairey and Zoe Kravitz.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on the presidential race. 

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