No more of the "best male" and "best female" bullshit.



MTV is Getting Rid of Gendered VMA Categories

Award shows have always been plagued with a gendered system, and until this year, many people might not have realized it was sexist AF. I mean, it always made sense that we would choose one male artist as the best in their category, and one female artist in theirs, right? Wrong. It only felt normal because that’s all we’ve been used to.

When it comes down to it, dividing male and female artists into separate categories reinforces the warped and sexist notion that the two should be judged according to somehow different standards. In other words, we couldn’t possibly compare Kanye to Beyonce, or Drake to Rihanna. Nah, men and women are just  too different, right?

At the end of the day, music is music. And that’s what MTV has realized in deciding to say bye bye to gendered categories. That’s right, the upcoming 2017 VMA’s, taking place on August 27, will be the first in 33 annual shows to eliminate this male-female divide. In fact, MTV already did this for their last Movie Awards in May, in which Emma Watson received the award for best acTOR in a movie for playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and Millie Bobby Brown won best actor in a TV series for her role as Eleven in Stranger Things.

So, take notes, Oscar’s, Grammy’s, Emmy’s, Tony’s, and all you other awards shows. It’s time to start following in MTV’s woke footsteps.

Source: Vice i-D

Images via MTV

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