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Peaches, Robyn + More Deliver Mental Music Videos

Is it December already? Yikes. It’s been kind of a rough week—the cold is setting in, and the Christmas music is piping mercilessly through every speaker and PA system across the country. It can be tempting to give up the fight, and let the “Jingle Bell Rock” infiltrate your every pore. But we think you’re stronger than that. Whether this time of the year makes your skin crawl or your heart light up with joy, we have a few new music videos for you to add some spice to your cider.

Peaches – “Rub”

Peaches is back with a vengeance. “Rub” might be the the most insane video ever, or at least the most insane video since David Hasselhoff’s “Hooked on a Feeling.” It’s probably what you’d expect to find in a mid-western swinger’s acid-fueled delirium, and we absolutely love it. But it’s definitely not safe for work, unless you work at some kind of techno brothel.

The Killers – “Dirt Sledding”

Does Christmas time make you super depressed? No? Ok, well whatever—at least the Killers understand. It’s officially December, and that means it’s time for the Killers annual Christmas song. This one’s called “Dirt Sledding,” and the video features a Santa sadder than the one that you farted on at the mall as a kid.

Speedy Ortiz – “My Dead Girl”

Speedy Ortiz’s eerie track “My Dead Girl”  finally has a video as morose as it deserves. Perfectly moody, the clip is an homage to David Lynch, borrowing imagery from classics like Twin Peaks, Eraserhead and Mulholland Drive. We could totally see Speedy Ortiz score an entire Lynch movie. Please make it happen.

Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique – “Love is Free ft. Maluca”

This just in: exclusive footage from the freakiest slumber party in the world. It’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it wildness will put you in a good mood for the rest of this long week. From tulle and tea to a neon construction-site rave to a soap opera set—every floor is a dance floor when Robyn and Maluca are there, and the love is always free.

Image via Rolling Stone

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