UK producer Linden Jay has some serious skills under his belt, and just recently launched his own label, 100Ft Records. Get to know the DJ here.



Music Wiz Linden Jay is the UK Producer You Need to Know About

UK producer Linden Jay is a man of many trades. In addition to producing, he also remixes, drums (since he was 10 years old), and does musical direction as well as sound engineering. He’s toured the world, and was even featured on Paloma Faith’s single “Upside Down,” but up until recently he’s remained relatively behind the scenes.

Late last month, however, Jay announced the launch of his new label, 100Ft Records, as well as its first release: a track with singer Shola Ama, titled “Lose Again.” It’s catchy as hell, and just a little sample of what his 2017 album will sound like (re: good).

We were able to steal Jay for a couple quick questions, which you can read in full below. And stay tuned for our weekly Milk playlist, curated by Jay himself, comin’ for ya tomorrow.


Can you tell us a bit about your background in music? 

From ages ten to 19, I was all about drums. I’d been experimenting with production and writing but never considered it something I’d be that into. I went on to study drums at Berklee [College of Music] and then a spanner was put in the works when I developed a pretty serious back problems meaning I couldn’t play much drums… or carry them! I came back to London for the summer and was offered a few opportunities as an engineer/producer and tried going down that path for a bit. I never ended up going back to Berklee.
How do you balance your career with your personal life? 

I’m obsessed with creating, whether it’s just noodling on an instrument or writing music. I spend a seriously large amount of my time in the studio. Time management is key.

What was it like to collaborate with Shola Ama on “Lose Again”? 

I’ve known Shola for years but we hadn’t made much music in a while—we wrote “Lose Again” on a quick evening session the day before I left London for a month. We just threw around ideas and it all came together pretty quickly. I’d always wanted to chop up Shola’s vocals so this was the perfect opportunity!

Where do you typically find inspiration for your music? 

Inspiration can come from anywhere—I pretty much find music and rhythm in anything around me. I’m always recording voice notes of sounds I hear when I’m out and about and then sample them in my music. I often record a simple beatbox idea I have in my head, which I’ll then flip into a proper track. I always try to keep the process exciting and [to] break my habits. The studio should be a playground—not an office!

Any new projects in the pipeline that you can share with us?

I’m working on my debut album at the moment. There’s a few collaborations on there I’m really excited about, but particularly the tracks I’ve done with Roméo. Can’t wait to put them out.


Any advice for the kids out there looking to break into the industry?

Create something every single day. Experiment. That’s the only way you learn who you are as an artist and develop a sound. Rather than actively searching for your sound, just keep creating every day and it will happen before you realize. Have fun!

For more on Linden Jay, check out his Instagram and his website.  

Images by Seb Drewett.

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