Scarface, Groundhog Day, Good Burger, oh my!



Binge On 'Goodburger' and Bill Murray With The New March Netflix Arrivals

February finally came to an end. With March comes not only warmer weather (with lots of rain, ew) but also new Netflix releases. Here are some recent additions to help you stay sane on those inevitable drizzly indoor days.

Groundhog Day

The Bill Murray classic has made its way to the Internet. If you haven’t already seen this movie, a) don’t tell anyone, and b) you no longer have an excuse. Murray is mopey yet classically hilarious in this film. It’s perfect for the day when it inevitably snows, even though it’s technically be spring, and, like Bill in this movie, you can no longer repress your hatred for Punxsutawney Phil, the seasonal and furry demon.


Now you can stream this movie as many times as you like, and perfect your “say hello to my little friend” impression. Feel free to live vicariously through the OG El Chapo, Tony Montana.

Before We Go

In this film, Chris Evans and Alice Eve play two strangers turned star-crossed lovers when they meet at Grand Central Terminal. Watching this film will have you yearning for a time before Tinder, when swiping right meant actually approaching people IRL.

Good Burger

This is Kenan and Kel In. Their. Prime. This movie is everybody’s childhood favorite, and therefore deserves an honorary Oscar. It’s a throwback, and one you’d be smart to add to your Netflix queue. Also, good news: there is some talk of Good Burger 2. Can’t wait.

The Young Kieslowski

This is about a boy named Brian Kieslowski who has a one-night stand with a girl named Leslie. The film goes from zero to 100 real quick when they find out Leslie got pregnant (WITH TWINS!). For the record, both Brian and Leslie were virgins prior to getting together—and what’s more, Leslie is a devout Christian who had plans to stay a virgin until marriage. Oh well! This film is a good reminder to use protection—especially when you’re in college.

Stay tuned to Milk for more of What’s New on Netflix.

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