'Tis not a wrap dress, but a dress made of wrappers. 



New Dress Proves Starbursts = Fashion

In the spirit of going green and artificial flavoring, eco-friendly artist, Emily Seilhamer, crafted a dress made solely of Starburst wrappers—over 10,000 of them. Does this mean that she consumed over 10,000 small square sources of high blood sugar? Thankfully, not. Seilhamer had the help of some friends and her husband, Malachi, in accumulating the literal thousands of candy wrappers over the course of four years. Over the same time period that she was collecting the small wax papers, she was also ironing them out, color coordinating, and stitching them into a fabric using elastic thread. Genius? Crazy? Both. So with patience, perseverance and a few cavities, you too can create the recycled candy clothes of your dreams—think Tootsie tops, Snicker knickers and Kit Kat caps. Too far?

I’ve been saving Starburst wrappers diligently (with the help of friends and family) for 4 years to create this dress….

Posted by Artistry and Upcycling by Emily Seilhamer on martes, 18 de abril de 2017

Besides pure ingenuity and slight insanity, there’s also a bit of romance behind the creative conception of Seilhamer’s unexplainably juicy masterpiece. The legend goes, the artist first met her husband when he offered her a Starburst—in what context, we’re unclear and a bit curious—but the point is that the candies have had a place in their hearts (and stomachs and now closet) ever since.

Source: wpxi

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Stay tuned to Milk for more on the intersection of fruity, chewy and fashion. 

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