A still from Wes Gordon's Fall/Winter '16 fashion film.



Wes Gordon Just Presented His Entire Collection on Instagram

Aside from what’s happening on the runway, another theme emerging this season is disruption—straying away from the traditional fashion week model and adapting to the fast-paced e digital age. From Burberry and Tom Ford’s decision to show collections that will be immediately available, to Kanye staging a fashion show-slash-listening party, designers are looking to break the mold, and Wes Gordon is getting in on the action.

Instead of holding a runway show, the New York-based designer filmed two models running around the city, wearing his Fall/Winter ’16 collection. He’s unveiling the entire film on Instagram now, sharing snippets in 15-second clips. We caught up with the designer—a MADE Fashion Week alumni and Milk favorite—ahead of the release to get the lowdown on his new collection and sharing it through social media.

What sparked the idea of creating a video this season?
It’s really coming from a place of storytelling—I wanted to play with a different format to do that with. And this season we decided to do that through film and photography, using the city of New York as our set. It allowed me to be very poetic and evocative when telling that story.

And what is the story of this collection?
It’s the same story that we always tell but it’s evolved for the season. It’s about a downtown romantic, a mixture between something that is clean and streamlined but also romantic and nostalgic. And it’s finding that balance in a way that feels relevant to a modern woman.

What was the process of filming and creating the video?
It was so fun—the whole thing was very guerilla. We had seven locations and two models, and would get into the location and just let the girls be natural in the clothes. Kat, the director, interacted with them, and the results are really beautiful.

There have been a lot of designers talking about changing the model, both of presenting collections and producing them. What are you thoughts?
Definitely, there are a lot of things that are changing and we’re trying to be really mindful of everything. I think in the design process, just really thinking about pieces that are a bit more subtle and sophisticated. That will last beyond an Instagram, which is really creating a lot of issues with the calendar right now.

Definitely—in such a visual culture it’s hard to hold onto that longevity. It’s great that you’re trying something different.
Yeah it’s been really exciting. The whole process was so much fun, and that’s something that is often missing. It was amazing to see everyone come together and figure out a new way to do something—it was so rewarding.

Check out a few of the clips below and head over to @WesGordon to see the rest!

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