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Eating Oysters and Popping Champagne Backstage with Joey Bada$$

A lot of people think fashion week is glamorous, and truth be told, sometimes it is. Yesterday was one of those times. I got to chill with Joey Bada$$ after the Adam Selman show, as he was sipping champagne and eating oysters in the Lexus Lounge at MADE Fashion Week.

The Brooklyn-bred rapper, who just turned 21, is coming off an insane year. He released his debut album, B4.DA.$$, honing in on his Golden Era-influenced sound, and traversed the globe on his World Domination Tour. Joey’s flow, much like his personality, is confident and self-assured yet still humble. Even as he recounts the highlights, he is quick to point out that he’s still learning, using every opportunity to grow as an artist.

We took a few minutes after the show to enjoy the finer things, and talk music, fashion, and the dream collab.

I know this is your first season really going all in for fashion week, how’s it going so far?

We’ve been doing stuff since the men’s shows so it’s been fashion weeks, but it’s been really good. Going to the shows and getting to meet a lot of the designers, it’s been a really dope experience.

Any highlights?

Well, they just presented oysters on a platter for me! Nothing’s beating that right now. Oysters and champagne—it doesn’t get any better.

With your own merchandise and clothing for Pro Era, I know you oversee a lot of that. Have you always been interested in fashion?

I don’t really consider myself being in fashion, but I guess I’m a stylish guy, and just have always wanted to wear my own stuff. We’re definitely pushing Pro Era to the next level this year, we are working towards making it one of the premium street wear brands.

Yeah, definitely. And your Calvin Klein campaign this season—so rad. How was that?

It was amazing, I’m so grateful for the opportunity. Everyone at Calvin is so nice and so supportive. It was such a dope idea and the photographer Tyrone [Lebon] was such a great spirit to work with, he made me feel really comfortable.

I pledge in #mycalvins. Introducing the Spring 2016 @calvinklein global ad campaign, shot by Tyrone Lebon. How do you rock yours?

A photo posted by joZif BADMON [💰💰] (@joeybadass) on

His work is always so great. You’re coming off of such an exciting year—dropping B4.DA.$$, touring the world. I know you talk about really trying to learn from everything you do, what’s been the biggest thing you’ve taken away from your experiences?

Definitely just taking your time, having patience and perfecting your craft, and not rushing things. A lot of times musicians tend to feel as if the whole world is waiting on them, but it’s really just a collective of people. The bigger goal for me is to stay true to my core and perfect my craft. And those people will be there when the music’s ready.

It’s so true. What are some of your earliest memories of music?

Music has always been such a big part of my life. One of my first memories with hip-hop music was when I was like two years old and I saw Biggie rapping on the TV. I ran up to the screen and I just loved it.

And what are you listening to right now?

I listen to everyone. My brother Kendrick, J. Cole, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Drake, Pusha T, Wale, of course Kanye. I listen to the whole gang. You know, once you become a musician—it’s almost like a sport, where you keep up on the stats—I check in with the music.

Gotta stay up on it. And is there anyone outside of hip-hop that you’re into or would love to work with?

Daft Punk. That’s my ultimate dream collab.

That would be fire—we’ve got to make it happen.

Yes please. I’ve been saying it so much. I love their music and the house vibe. My favorite song by them is “Something About Us.” It’s my favorite song in the world. That vibe alone just resonates with me so heavily.

From your mouth to God’s ears, it’s out there in the universe now.

The future’s looking nice.

Check out our full recap of the Adam Selman Fall/Winter ’16 fashion show here

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