The F*ck Trump movement has people giving the finger to the Trump Towers, and we can't say we hate it.



New York's Hottest Selfie Spot is the Trump Tower

A lot of people on the internet want republican nominee Donald Trump to suck on something. #TrumpSucks, #TrumpSucksAss, #TrumpSucksDick2016, #TrumpSucksEggs, and #TrumpSucksBallssss are only the tip of the Trump-sucking iceberg. And let it be known: Donald Trump hashtags are a very chilling place on the internet that ranges from mildly comical to anti-christ terrifying.

If you spend enough time in the Trump hashtag rabbit hole, you’ll find a trend. Particularly on Instagram, people have taken to a middle finger, f*ck-you tinted way of expressing themselves that makes full use of their freedom of speech—which, incidentally, you may no longer have come this November if Trump is elected. Anyone can do it—even those who don’t claim Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders as their nominee of choice. All you have to do is head on over to 58th and 5th, set up shop in front of the Trump Tower, flip it the bird like you’ve never flipped the bird before, and capture it all on your camera of choice. Like so:

And so (cute filter btw!):

what are you trying to compensate with this tower, donald? fuck you anyways. #donaldtrump #fucktrump

A photo posted by gonzalo (@mistersupertramp) on

It’s the new and improved selfie, and it’s beautiful.

The F*ck Trump movement may seem futile, but it represents a much larger movement—an anti-racism  movement. And one that may seem petty but, if anything, speaks to the desperate state Trump and his racist, prejudiced slurs have driven us to. One middle finger may not have much of an impact on whom the next president will be, but if we all stand together with our middle fingers, and use those middle fingers to vote for anyone that isn’t Trump this fall, we may be able to oust him from the race, the press, and from people’s minds entirely. Perhaps a romantic hope, but a hope nonetheless. At the very least, we will get some bathroom art out of this.

And, because we know it’s Friday and you’re itching to start your weekend, we leave you with this:

Say it with us: peace, love, and f*ck Trump!

Images via Instagram.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on the upcoming presidential election.

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