Romina De Novellis, who will be featured in this year's Armory Show, in "La Pecora," circa 2013.



Naked Woman In A Cage + Car Crashes At The 2016 Armory Show

The modern, avant-garde art showcase, the Armory Show, will be back this year, running from March 3rd to March 6th. And a section of this year’s show, titled “Focus: African Perspectives”—curated by Julia Grosse and Yvette Mutumba, two African-German women, who also happen to be the first women to curate the Armory Show—will focus on Africa. The curators told Artsy that there will be “very different kinds of media, from sound to installation to drawing to video to sculpture,” and all from young African voices. The works will touch upon the aspects of African culture and history, but the curators’ main objective is to display the high-quality modern art that is coming out of Africa today, in addition to showing the many and diverse styles that African art encompasses. 

The art will feature South African artist Ed Young’s giant style typography, which include phrases like, “I see black people.” Also featured is Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh, who created a mock Lagos bus stop that looks like it was ripped out of a pop-up book, and that comes with a soundscape meant to transport the viewer and listener.

Ed Young I See Black People
Ed Young’s I See Black People.

This Armory Show will be the most diverse yet, with 205 galleries from 36 different countries contributing. Other pieces include a naked woman in a cage, massive rusty nails, and a slowly crashing car. Perhaps not as deep or culturally moving as the African art, but it’s definitely Instagram worthy.

The naked woman in the cage is no euphemism either; it’s Italian performance artist Romina de Novellis, who will be locked inside a chicken wire cage, while fully nude and placing 500 white roses in the wire—which will eventually shroud her entirely. She will also, according to Artnet News, hand out “caramelized flowers contained in a glass sphere” to Armory goers. Unfortunately, her performance is for VIP ticket holders only–and said passes aren’t available for purchase, but rather supplied directly by the Armory.

Romina De Novellis' La Gabbia
Romina De Novellis’ La Gabbia.

Thankfully, regular admission has its perks too; buy a regular old ticket (for $45), and you’ll still be able to see the slow motion crashing car and a giant sculpture of a rusted nail. A win-win, if you will. 

The 2016 Armory Show will run from March 3rd to March 6th, at Piers 92 and 94. Stay tuned to Milk for more updates on the 2016 Armory Show. 

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