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NYC-based Gays Against Guns is a New Catalyst for Gun Control

GAYS against GUNS is a new army building its base in NYC, and in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, an honest conversation on gun control couldn’t be any more timely. An inclusive direct action group of LGBTQ people and their allies, GAYS against GUNS (GAG) is a grassroots organization dedicated to policy change and “ensure safety for all individuals, particularly vulnerable communities such as people of color, women, people who struggle with mental health issues, LGBTQ people and religious minorities”.

Kevin Hertzog, an organizer at GAYS against GUNS, spoke to MILK.XYZ about how the organization got its start. “Since we began, GAG has emulated ACT UP. We plan our actions around specific demands. For example, we have directed an entire campaign towards Concealed Carry Reciprocity legislation which, if enacted, would allow someone like the shooter from Las Vegas to carry a gun in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. We are currently working on a campaign to reframe the way we think and speak about gun violence so that it’s viewed as the public health crisis that it so obviously is. We’ll also be planning a trip to another Gun Show, where we take information to people who are buying or have bought, guns, in order to educate them about the statistics which they may not be aware of.”

Drop by tonight’s meeting of GAYS against GUNS, where the group will continue to plan a series of direct action campaigns designed to draw attention to the devastating effects that gun violence has in our country.

“We’re also going to be planning our looks for The Halloween Parade, so everyone will have a chance to dress like a slutty doctor or nurse, but feel good about it, because it’s for an awesome cause! The topic is serious – it’s literally life or death – but we’re not only serious. We love to laugh and have fun. And there’s always candy, which helps a lot!”

Tonight’s Oct 5 GAG meeting will be held 7-9 PM at the NYC LGBT Center. If you can’t make it tonight, GAYS against GUNS meets every other Thursday, 7:30 PM at NYC’s LGBT Center (208 W. 13th St). All who want to fight for better gun laws are welcome.

Images courtesy of Tayte Hanson

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