Gabby Douglas brought inspiration and Black Girl magic to her new celeb emoji and it has us ready to abandon the written language forever.



Olympian Gabby Douglas Puts #BlackGirlMagic In Emojis

At the rate the world is going, we won’t be surprised if the rise of emojis will lead to the downfall of written words in the next few decades. Throw out your dictionary and don’t worry about trying to learn the difference between there, they’re, and their, because life is easier when you just give up and resort to a few well-placed winks, hearts, and sparkles. Don’t worry, about 92 percent of the online population is using dick-shaped fruits to unsuccessfully flirt too. Outside of the usual hundreds of options that come with your phone, lately we’ve experienced a meteoric rise of the celebrity emojis you’ve been dishing out money for ever since Kimojis took over your life. English may be going the way of Latin, but it’s time to dust off your credit cards and hit up the App Store–there’s a new celebrity emoji queen ready to spice up your messages with an Olympic pool-sized serving of #BlackGirlMagic. And her name is Gabby Douglas.

That’s right, the star of the United States women’s gymnastic team, and the first black woman in Olympic history to be the gold individual all-around champion of gymnastics, made an app. We probably shouldn’t be surprised, given that Douglas has made a habit of doing as much as possible. From a Lifetime movie about her life to a reality show on prepping for the 2016 Olympics, Douglas never stops. And now, she’s created the Gabbymoji app, which is exactly what you need to ease your mind of the guilt you felt after secretly downloading the Justin Bieber emojis for the one of him in handcuffs (your secret is safe with us).

“My dream was to create a fun app that is full of emojis for anyone to use to express their feelings with entertaining pictures,” she explained to TeenVogue. Emojis of Gabby in positions that even years of yoga won’t prepare you for aren’t the only thing you’ll find. She also packed in inspirational messages that’ll make you feel a little less guilty for cancelling your trainer to eat ice cream and watch The Bachelorette. You can pick up the Gabbymoji app for $1.99 on Android and iOS right now.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Black Girl Magic. 

Images via Kapps Media. 

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