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On the Road, for the Record: Alanta

Alanta is a Southern-Brazilian post-indie group made up of Vitor Marx, Erick Endres, Francisco Goya, Lorenzo Gehlen, Gabriel Burin, and Lourenço Marques. Milk saw them live in a warehouse bar called OCulto, in their hometown of Porto Alegre. As Alanta took over the center of the space, you could see all bodies gathering around and riding through the same motions dictated by the band’s energy and the songs’ multiple effects.

With plans for a new album coming up, we spoke to Alanta about live recordings, jamming with free-form structure tracks, and breaking amps.

This is what the band listens to when on the go:

What’s the biggest misconception about being on tour?

The biggest misconception about touring, at least the first couple of ones, is that you’ll make more money than you’re going to spend.

Have you noticed any differences from when you first went on tour to now? 

The more you play gigs, the more you learn how to use less equipment because for the lack of roadies, we carry the gear ourselves, and the less weight you have to carry, the better.

So who’s with you on tour?

Mainly students, young people, and our moms.

What track are you most excited to perform at the moment? 

Probably “Sonho em Replay” and “Radial” because due to the free-form structure they present, we have more space to jam and try new stuff out.

What do you think is the most difficult track to perform?

We believe, especially the rhythm section, that it is “Lorenzo” due to the fast tempo of the song and also “Pt.2” due to a lot of mid-song modifications of multiple effects and tones throughout the song.

Any memorable moments?

It actually isn’t gig related. In a rehearsal, Lorenzo was trying to make a tall people joke to Lourenço, and climbed on his amp and fell over his pedals with his guitar. He broke the amp, getting us to be banned from the studio in which we recorded most of the album.

Do you have a favorite fan? 

Probably Frances [Wolwacz] and Allan [Euzebio], because they are always at every one of our concerts, being supportive and taking great pictures and clips and kinda handling our PR and stuff.

Do you have any green room must-haves?

A green room at least to be upfront.

When is the next album coming out? How was the band’s creative process?

We don’t know for sure yet, but probably in the first half of 2020. The first album was around creations and arrangements made by Vitor with the production being done collaboratively.  We are thinking about recording all the next album’s songs live in concert, because that’s when we have our best moments.

Last question, what advice would you have for people that are going on tour for the first time?

Already having a driver’s license, to stay hydrated and sober as much as possible, and to carry all the black t-shirts and underwear you can.

Images Courtesy of  Frances Wolwacz.

Stay tuned to Milk for more On the Road.

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