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On the Road, for the Record: Polo & Pan

Paul Armand-Delille and Alexandre Grynszpan make up the French electro duo, Polo & Pan.  This year, they’ve been touring the world; from the Middle East to shows across Europe, the pair have been focusing on promoting their summer EP Gengis and their beloved 2017 album,  Caravelle. On stage, Polo & Pan command the crowd; Victoria Lafaurie, who accompanies them on a few of the songs, only adds to the vibrancy and charisma of the show. Dressed in eccentric outfits and accompanied by colored flashing lights, the two had an interesting dialogue with the crowd. As they transitioned from track to track, it was as if the audience members from the balcony were hypnotized in dance.

With two sold-out nights at The Novo in Los Angeles, the duo paused to speak to Milk about their favorite venues, what to pack before hitting the road, and what tour advice they have for first-timers.

When they’re moving from place to place, this is what they have on :

What’s the biggest misconception about being on tour?

That every day is going to be a party. It’s more like an athletic challenge when you have so many gigs in a row, so you need to pick your nights to go all out!

You’ve made two appearances at Coachella and had shows across Europe, North America, and the Middle East – what are some of the main differences you’ve noticed in the global crowds? Venues? Energy?

Every culture comes with its own kind of energy. The Middle East and Mexico have been our most fiery crowds so far. However, it’s hard to make conclusions about how a crowd is going to react to the show. Every gig is different and that’s what so great about it!

How do you maintain enough energy to keep performing for months on end?

Listen to what your Mama says: Exercise, drink water, eat healthy.

What’s the most fun song to play? Do you ever get tired of performing the same tunes?

At the moment it’s “Gengis,” we have a fun little dance at the end. We’re blessed that after all these gigs we still totally enjoy our set. The songs of Caravelle are aging well with us. 

What is your all-time favorite venue? Why?

The Fox Theatre in Oakland was absolutely gorgeous and the crowd was so amazing too. I think it was our favorite so far, it happened to be the last show of our US tour, so it had that extra nudge of emotion.

What’s the first show that you really saw a difference in crowds and energy? A moment that you’ve thought “Wow, we’re really doing this!”

Polo: I think we had a real WOW moment when we played at Garorock (south of France) over two years ago in front of 30,000 people, right before Marilyn Manson, mind you. It was such a step for us to play that kind of size festival. It seemed unreal to be part of it.

What are the top 5 things you must pack when starting a tour?

Headphones, swimsuit, running shoes, production gear, and a notepad to write letters.

When you go back to Paris, what’s the first thing you want to do?

A big nap and then go back to our brand new studio!

Lewis OfMan is on tour with you at the moment – what’s the relationship like there?

We started talking to Lewis when he released the track “Flash.” We really loved it and so we met him and invited him to the studio a couple of times. We love his show, he’s a great performer and a cool guy. We’re happy to tour with him.

What advice do you have for upcoming bands/musicians that are hitting the road for the first time?

Try to notice what’s happening during the show and change one little thing after every performance. Constant fine-tuning is the key to improving and keeping every performance challenging and fun. You want to have a solid core where you feel confident and well-rehearsed but always keep pushing yourself a bit to keep the show fun for you.

Images Courtesy of Victoria Lafaurie.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on the road.

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