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On Tour With Soccer Mommy In The Wake of 'Clean'

In March of 2018, Sophie Allison, AKA Soccer Mommy, released her 10-track debut studio album Clean. In retrospect, it felt like the songs instantly jumped to the top of everyone’s Spotify playlists—tracks like “Your Dog” and “Cool”, specifically, paving the way for indie viral stardom. It was a transition, and luckily, Allison is used to those—about a year prior, she had dropped out of NYU to pursue music full-time. Now, she’s got another album on the way, a tour just recently wrapped, and a lot of introspection to do as the year comes to a close. We sat down with the singer after a shoot at The Standard Highline and back to back shows in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to talk more about touring, favorite tracks, and what’s in the pipeline for 2019.

How did the tour go?

It was good. It was a super short one—going down the east coast; I performed in Boston, New York, North Carolina, and some other places. It was really fun.

Did you have a favorite city?

Boston! It was really fun because it was at a cool place. I love New York a lot too because I got to see some old friends.

You used to go to NYU—how was the transition from being a student to doing music full time?

It was a lot. Jumping in tour and immediately making it my daily routine and doing it all the time. It was stressful but I enjoy it.

When Clean came out, how long were you out of school for?

I guess I was out for a semester and a half—gone for the better part of two semesters.

How did it feel to get the validation when your album came out?

It definitely helped me skyrocket my career a little bit. When I was out of school, this album made me feel super productive.

I love the two singles that came out in October. When you were making those, were you in a different headspace than you were with the album?

I definitely felt differently making those. It was less intense than Clean and stuff. I definitely felt more confident in knowing how to work in a studio and developing the track to sound like what I wanted it to. One is an old song I recorded before and one is a cover.

Touring and bringing all the songs to life, does it take you back to how you felt when you wrote the songs initially? Does it give you a new feeling?

I think it’s different. Some of the songs make me feel so different than how I did when I wrote them. Some will always make me feel protected and stronger which are the ones that are a lot more impactful to me.

What songs do you feel the closest to?

“Flaw”—that one has a more of a lasting meaning to me.

What do you have planned for 2019?

Right now, I have a touring plan in February. We will be doing concerts and adding some more tour dates for Primavera. I have some stuff written and hopefully it’ll be sooner than later when I get to start recording.

Do you ever feel like you get writer’s block? Or do you feel like that’s not a problem?

You know it’s funny—I feel like I get writer’s block but I also feel like I’m a super fast writer. I write a lot but even when I do get writer’s block, I feel like I’m still writing more than some people. I still get over that hump quicker than most people do. I think it’s me just having a higher standard to the song so I feel like I might be writing all the time but I wont always keep it for an actual song. I become more picky with my album and song choices.

Knowing that millions of people listen to your songs, does that change your process or your standards?

I don’t think it changes my process at all. It definitely makes me reevaluate my standards, but it’s more that, because I am making albums, I want them to be purposeful and every song to be the exact one that should be there.

What’s your favorite memory from 2018?

I loved the tour in Europe—that was unforgettable and super fun. I loved playing at the Music Hall of Williamsburgthat was a huge moment for me. We stepped up the live shows a bit more with productions and more entertainment. It was a huge step to becoming the show I really wanted it to be.

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?

Not really—just trying to be healthier!

Images courtesy Nadeemy Betros

Styled by Ian McRae

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