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One Photographer's Food For Thought This Fashion Month

NYFW may be over, but Fashion Month is still underway. Today we’re throwing it back to the NYC edition of this season’s style madness with photographer Madeline MaCartney. Read below for her take on NYFW and peep her best fashion photos in the gallery above. 

I still remember the first time I went to fashion week. It was five years agoI was 19, a college freshman, and I had snuck in the back door. My friend and I found ourselves sitting front row (thanks to whichever market editor cancelled at the last minute) and right across from Anna Wintour. I was wearing a fur coat from H&M which seemed like the obviously appropriate choice to blend in and surprisingly nobody even questioned us…perhaps it was the sunglasses indoors.

Now that it’s five years later and I’ve moved up the ranks from an unpaid intern to an occasionally paid freelancer, I actually get invited to things. And lemme tell you, it feels good to have a seat with your name on it.

But that’s the thing about fashion right? Nobody really knows if any of us are supposed to be there. I saw people who I follow on Instagram arguing outside with PR girls that they definitely should have a seat, and I saw more than enough ‘fashion weak’ Instagram captions to last me a lifetime. (Let’s all agree to be a bit more creative come February.)

The person next to you could have a million followers or they could have finagled their way in just like I did as a freshman. You could be the editor of a very cool online magazine nobody’s ever heard of, or you could be Whoopi Goldberg (who I happened to see twice). Honestly, I’m still not convinced that anyone who calls themselves an influencer isn’t a cyborg.

Now that we are in SS ‘19, brands are moving away from the traditional fashion calendar and many are making collections available to shop instantly rather than keep you waiting (thank you Fenty Savage!!). Who even knows what the future of NYFW will look like?

But change is good, and this season cool girl brands like PRISCAvera and Maryam Nassir Zadeh garnered all the attention, as they should.

R13 and Collina Strada proved that tie-dye is cool, which is something I’ve always said, and socks plus sandals are in vogue. Like literally, they are on Vogue.com.

Models at LRS walked the runway to some sort of Skrillex remix that I’m sorry you may never experience and, throughout all of the shows, casting was astronomically more diverse than prior years.

I can tell you that cheetah print is in and the phrase ‘70s surf punk’ was used more than once. Feel free to keep that one for yourself.

The locations were intriguing, with MNZ showing in an abandoned Duane Reade and Sandy Liang at Congee Village, complete with plates of rice and noodles with rosé.

Going backstage, it was awesome to watch hair and makeup artists value the individuality of each model and not try to do any sort of blanket look.

From the tie-dye clip in extensions at Collina Strada to the zebra print bikini at Maryam Nassir Zadeh, everything was fun and full of color—as it should be.

At the end of the day, fashion should be fun. It shouldn’t matter if you went to every party or if you had the best seat in the house or if you’re cooler on the internet.

But no, you won’t catch me standing in the rain outside of a party any day. However, please feel free to follow me on Instagram and continue sending samples though.

Stay tuned to Milk for more fashion week mayhem. 

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