5 binge-worthy flicks from the unofficial King of violent, comedic cinema.



Our Fave Tarantino Films from The '90s

In the world of Tarantino film fandom, there’s no shortage of obsessed, expertly-informed devotees (online and IRL). Count us among them. We’ve once again gone down the Tarantino rabbit hole, and this time, it’s to explore his repertoire circa 1990 onwards (i.e., our favorite decade). And since we’re now also privy to the fact that all of Tarantino’s films are apparently connected, this’ll be extra fun.

We’ve rounded up the absolute best of Tarantino’s ’90s creations, and since it’s still cold as f*ck in NYC, there’s no time like the present: time to binge ’til you can’t binge no more. Check the full list below, and stay tuned for more Tarantino-inspired, obsession-fueled roundups, coming your way soon.

Pulp Fiction

Arguably Tarantino’s most beloved film thus far, Pulp Fiction is true 90s gold: released in the fall of 1994, it forever enshrined the hip, darkly comedic crime drama in our minds as Tarantino’s best genre of choice (and we’ve got the GIFs to prove it). Twenty years later, this movie is still making waves (and let’s not forget the entire fan site devoted to unraveling its most enticing mysteries).

Reservoir Dogs

Tarantino’s first foray into the film world immediately cemented his position as the unofficial King of violent, comedic crime, and with an actor who later had a quick diner cameo in Pulp Fiction: Steve Buscemi. Every “dog” has its day…and every director has his first film. This one’s a winner.

Jackie Brown

Based on the novel by Elmore Leonard, Jackie Brown follows the film’s namesake (played by Pam Grier), Ordell Robbie (i.e. Tarantino fave Samuel L. Jackson), Ray Nicolette (Michael Keaton), and detective Mark Dargus (Michael Bowen) through—you guessed it—a drama-filled crime sequence. Simply put, it’s quintessential Tarantino at his best.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Uma Thurman strikes again: in yet another dark-drama-turned-comedy, Tarantino centers his story on razor sharp Thurman, who plays the former assassin known as The Bride. We know, we know: it’s three years post-90s, but this film has all the trappings of what made the 90s so iconic…plus, as a characteristically gruesome Tarantino film with just the right amount of humor peppered in, one simply does not make a Tarantino roundup without including Kill Bill.

True Romance

True Romance is the love-centric, drug-filled, runaway-into-the-sunset movie you’ve always dreamed of (with just the right dash of violence mixed in, of course). A con man ( ) and a call girl ( ) get into some, shall we say, trouble, and hit the road: what follows is an adventure for the ages. Join ’em if you dare.

Featured image via Mapingua Nerd

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