During a week of such unbridled sartorial madness, things are bound to get a little weird.



Overheard during NYFW: We Eavesdropped So You Didn't Have to

Good things come to those who keep an ear to the ground… or so they say. And who is “they,” you might ask? Well no one, actually; no one has ever said that. But such a pastime did help keep us afloat throughout this past NYFW. And now, dear reader, we pass our most memorable sound bites from diligent eavesdropping onto you.  

“My aesthetic is blood.” Jocelyn (in the MADE media room)

“Should we all burn holes in our outfits to fit in?” Ana (the answer was yes, probably)

“Hello Mr. Rachel.”Rachel‘s Uber driver to her

“Uhhhh, well the catering was carrots…”  – Molly Bair at Jeremy Scott (when asked how her day is going)

Tired, backstage at Jeremy Scott.

“You know it’s Fashion Week when there’s a cat on a leash.” – Anonymous (in the Milk Studios elevator)

“I’m as dead as J. Lo’s husband at the end of Enough.” – Jocelyn

“Ho hum durmstrang.” – Ana

“Are these anal beads or a choker?” – John Early (at FYI @ MADE)

No really though; we’re still not sure.

“It’s so fun to dress like a fuckboy. It really is.” – Unknown (Milk Studios, eighth floor)

“The show had everything: the one-legged pant, utilitarian pockets suspended mid-air, grass as clavicle jewelry, & of course, zippered thongs.” – Rachel (on Twitter)

“But what…….. are you doing here?” – Unknown to Miss Universe (in the Milk Studios freight elevator)

“That’s Jacuzzi. He walked the Hood by Air show.” – Nick Hadad (explaining his photo diary)

The man, the legend, Jacuzzi (at left).

“Oh my god—the elevator at my television show is way bigger than this one.” – A seven-year-old (in the Milk Studios elevator)

“I am expendable.” – Ana

“I walked down in my tighty-whities with this big-ass blue coat and cum makeup. So, cool.” – Nick Hadad (when asked how the Hood by Air show went)

Christen Mooney (at left) at the Hood by Air show.

“I made this entirely out of vinyl and stickers.” – Unknown (at The Standard High Line)

“Get out of the way!!!”Street style photographers, to us

Photo from Jeremy Scott, polaroid, and photo of Jacuzzi taken exclusively for Milk by Maya Fuhr, Rachel Hodin, and Nick Hadad (respectively). Hood by Air photo by Ryan Kobane. Featured image by Andrew Boyle.

Stay tuned to Milk for more eavesdropping.

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