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Pan Dulce Is The Queer (Role) Model With a Glass Half Full Mentality

Talking with emerging model, Pan Dulce, feels like a sugar rush. Pan arrived to our shoot early, confessing it’s her trademark, and for the next six hours we were wrapped in Candyland pink and the insatiable go-go dancing energy that she constantly emanates. Talking about modeling, favorite foods, and parties, our shoot stretched deep into the night and Pan kept dancing. Pan is not your run-of-the-mill quiet model; she is unapologetically herself and that energy is contagious. A disco ball filling the room with glamorous glitter. But no one describes Pan better than Pan herself, so we’ll let her do the talking. Get acquainted with New York’s new favorite rising star below.

You are one of the newest faces in the New York fashion world, could you tell us a bit about yourself? Like, what is the mission you’ve set out to accomplish?

I think the biggest thing I want to accomplish in my lifetime has been to be an advocate and a role model for all queer people, POC, and just anyone who doesn’t identify with what society tells us to be! I want to be someone who shows that it’s OK to be completely unapologetic.

What drew you initially to the fashion industry? Had you always dreamed of becoming a model?

I always wanted to be a model because of the clothing; the self expression behind it. But there was sort of this disconnect between designers and models. designers were free to express themselves through tragedy or through happiness in their choice of fabrics and colors but models weren’t really allowed to do that as well. Where were all the models with different textures and shades? I knew that it was the best way for me to get my point across and to show that normality is not fitting in, it’s my being happy and sharing it with others.

You do a lot of performing, where’s the party and who’s coming?

Most of the parties I host or perform at our queer parties like Lady Fags battle hymn or tropiKunt at museum of sex. And everyone’s coming, haven’t you heard?

Tell us about your transition, what inspires you the most what has been the hardest part?

Inspired by my Mexican upbringing. I went to church I went to Catholic school I received my holy sacraments. I know whoever is reading this is totally getting a kick out of this but it’s true and honestly it wasn’t the worst part of my growing up and taught me to be patient and that not everyone, no matter how close to God, is a good person. We’re all human we all make mistakes. My mother is a hard-working woman and I aspire to be like that one day. She’s my number one supporter and my number one fan, honestly!

What are some of the challenges you’ve had booking work as a Trans model? Any stories?

I don’t think I’ve ever really had any issues other than being misgendered in the beginning of my transition about 10 months ago. I’ve always been very confident and always made sure that I was correctly addressed. Nothing really horrible other than being too big or too skinny for an outfit. Or being constantly criticize for my body, but that’s something everybody that models have to go through. And who knows maybe there are stories and I just completely overlooked them, because I’m just so happy to be where I am today. What’s the point of thinking and dwelling on the past. That only creates more self-doubt and more stories in our own head. I preferred to be someone who sees the glass half full.

What’s one piece of advice you would share with other transitioning young people?

You’re worthy! Worthy of being loved and worthy of being everything you want to be. You are love and you will be loved as long as you’re 100 percent authentic you. And this goes for just anyone in general. I think it’s important to teach self love and not self importance. Society and social media has taught us that it’s important to be known I’m not important to be respected. Be proud of who you are and be proud of what you offer to the world, even if the world is rejecting it time and time again.

What does pride mean to you? 

I don’t know. I know that sounds stupid pride is just being proud it’s kind of self-explanatory. Pride means not being ashamed of the person on the inside even if it doesn’t match the person on the outside.

What’s your secret obsession? 

Hotdogs… I know it’s like the grossest part and anyone who is a vegetarian reading this I’m so sorry!!! Oh and Pokémon go, or GTA, or tomb raider, basically any video game that I can be a girl in kick ass.

Are you involved with any projects beyond modeling?

Absolutely I’m currently working on an LGBT youth center in my hometown where I grew up. And this fall I’m starting a huge project that I’m super excited about. I’m going around to the local public schools starting with high school and hopefully elementary, and teaching sensitivity training and just awareness of queer and trans people. I think the biggest problem is We forget to educate our kids, because if we want to see a better future we have to teach the future. There’s a lot of flaws in our educational system and there’s a lot of teachers that shouldn’t be teaching. But that’s a topic on its own!

What’s your favorite thing about NYC?

The food! Honestly I love food and I know that next question is about food but fuck I really love food! Other than that I just love that New York City doesn’t stop for anyone. I could walk out of my house completely naked and nobody would even notice me yet somehow I still get compliments was still feeling I unnoticed in a good way! I feel like everyone in New York City is too busy to stop and spread hate and if someone does start to hate on you it’s probably because they have nothing better to do I probably have no one better to do!

Favorite junk food? 

This is such a hard question, Doritos Loco’s tacos and a Baja blast freeze, Popeyes, Did I mention I really like hotdogs? Because if I didn’t my favorite junk food is probably Colombian hotdogs! It’s a regular hot dog on a bun with mayo , Ketchup, pineapple, mozzarella cheese, a little bit of mustard, crushed chips… It sounds so fucking gross but I swear to God it’s Jesus’ second coming!!

What does the future hold for you?

I don’t know and I’m not worried about the future because my present is pretty fucking awesome. I’m focused on that for now! anyone that focuses on the future is someone who doesn’t enjoy the now. And if you don’t enjoy the now you miss out on a lot. And the future becomes the president, and the present is the only thing that will make you happy so why not focus on making the now exactly that, happy.

Photographer: Andrew T. White website
Styling: Sam Bates
Model: Pan Dulce
Hair and Makeup: Mirna Jose
Stylist Assistant: Jill Papa
Assistant: Nouri
Clothing credits in order: Look 1 // jacket / Hardeman, skirt / House of La Rue, jewelry throughout / Vanessa Arizaga, shoes / Dorateymur Look 2 shirt / Lacoste, shorts / Hardeman, hat / Lacoste, sunglasses / Planet i, shoes / Paul Andrew Look 3 faux fur stole / Adam Selman, vest / Hardeman, skirt / Hardeman Look 4 coat / R13, jumpsuit / Keith Lafuente, sunglasses / Goteya, phone case / Moschino Look 5 tunic / Adam Selman, trousers / Adam Selman Look 6 dress / Maggie Marilyn, slip / J.Papa, phone case / Gucci Look 6 jacket / Hardeman, bustier / Hardeman, belt / House of La Roux, skirt / J.Papa Look 7 dress / Ph5
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