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Parsons BFA Photography Grads Took Over Milk Gallery

Milk has always been a sanctuary for emerging artists who disrupt the status quo of creative industries by providing an atmosphere where the progressive and provocative are praised. Each year, Milk Gallery exhibits Parsons BFA Senior Photography Thesis to celebrate a new era of Malick Sidibés, Larry Clarks, and Nan Goldins—the next groundbreaking, cutting-edge group of talent. This year’s crew? Better than ever. 

The featured artists didn’t limit their vision to photography; walking around the gallery there was an array of multidisciplinary mediums including film, design, mixed media, and three dimensional installations. Picture this: colorful walls decked with neon signs, vivid music videos,  lines of hanging clothes, etc. 

Cory Camargo incorporated pop culture influencers, which have always been an influence in her work. She “hopes that the confident and self-analytic nature of the images can be projected onto others, so they may begin to question the constructed parts of their identities and understand themselves in different ways.”

Zen Piet Astrud titled her project “That Implicit Device of Persuasion” and described it as her “most intuitive works photographing objects, people, and their embodiment of ambiguous sexuality.” Other gallerists included underlying messages about their journey into the art world as well as showcasing their muses.

As art lovers, family members, and peers circulated the gallery (wine in hand), the graduates thanked viewers for showing their support. Be sure to come through and show some love to our future generation of photographers; the exhibition will be on view until this Thursday, May 18.

Below, the full list of featured photographers:

Damarys Alvarez, Micaiah Carter, Alexandra Chrysohoidis, Gregory Farrell, Rachel Gibbons, Nathan Greene, En Hui Lam, Javon Lang, Jeana Lindo, Michael Montealegre, Lizzy Pergament, Selin Akin, Cristina Bartley, Cassandra Basford, Julia Himmel, Rocco Morabito, Tamika Orotea, Alexander Papakonstadinou, Danielle Pearce, Brandon Petulla, Piper Strasel, Caroline Trotter, I Han Wang, Edgar Anasco, Cory Camargo, Elyssa Friedman, Zhi Wei Hiu, Ana Cristina Jimenez Parra, Nicholai Kellman, Daisy Korpics, Sally Kung, Vincent Ruvolo, Zen Piet Astrud, Gunner Strietzel, Nicole Wu, Emily Dabney, Andrew Egelhoff, Christopher Feth, Braeden Finnerty-Urgo, Zoe Katz, Aditya Nag, Anuskha Qizibash, Alayna Reum, Anna Ruback, Rami Taryaki-Dunham, Imani Tudo, Becky Vu, Emily Alice, Abbie Miller, Danielle Zar, and Matt Weiss.

Stay tuned to Milk for more event recaps. 

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