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Parsons MFA Class of 2015 Shuts It Down

Though it was not a graduation ceremony per se, the Parsons MFA Class of 2015 could not have had a more triumphant celebration of their achievements than their packed show at MADE Fashion Week. Featuring the work of 11 international designers, every single collection was just as impressive, expertly tailored, and downright fierce as anything you’d see at a major label show. Summing them up all in one wouldn’t do them justice, so we broke down each collection with a cheat sheet. See below for the full list of featured designers:

Pengji Cai—China

Diletta Cancellato—Italy

Tianfang Jing—China

Mayako Kano—New Zealand

Ryohei Kawanishi—Japan

Shih Hsun Lee—Taiwan

Liya Liu—China

Sisi Liu—China

Katherine Mavridis—Australia

Varpu Rapeli—Finland

Long Xu—China

Photography by Andrew Boyle, Christine Hahn, and Mitchell McLennan

Collage by Kathryn Chadason

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