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Party Like Its 1999 With Tommy Hilfiger's New Collection

Face it. 90’s nostalgia is literally everywhere. It’s on your Netflix, it’s all over Hollywood, and if you thought that you could escape it via your timeline, well…

Not with that whole “I’m a true 90s kid!!!!!!!” movement happening on your dash.

…you thought wrong. Still, there’s some good coming out of this never-ending tbt. Tommy Hilfiger is releasing a new collection that hearkens back to his glory days. You know, back when Aaliyah was the face of the brand and rappers like Eve and Stevie J rolled up en masse to show the designer love. When his name was synonymous with a cheap yet chic alternative to Ralph Lauren, and the biggest names in hip hop used it to appropriate all things prepster and repressive. You know, interesting rumors about Hilfiger actually hating that so many black people wore his clothes began to circulate. What a time it was. It was a time of innocence. A time of confidences. Kate Moss walked his runway whilst being serenaded by Treach from Naughty by Nature.

But is she down with O.P.P?

So it’s no wonder that Tommy Hilfiger wants to hold our hands, climb into his hot tub time machine, and take us back ’95. It was a great year, not least because it was when many a fabulous young intern was born. Hilfiger was by far the biggest name in hip hop; if he wasn’t being name dropped in jams like Mary J. Blige’s ‘What’s The 411,’ he was snapping squad pics with every rapper and R&B group in the game, appearing in the backgrounds of so many shots in the guise of someone’s hip white father.

Even Destiny’s Child had to deal with corny chaperones.

But that was no dad. That was Zaddy. That was the man who dressed Method Man and Raekwon, who put TLC in matching boxer briefs for the Kid’s Choice Awards. He helped bring rap to the red carpet. He… may or may not have gone on the Oprah Show a few years later proclaiming that if he had known PoC were going to wear his clothes, he wouldn’t have made them so high quality. But it should be noted that there is no footage of this happening, only a string of email chains.

No matter what you believe, it was all very… whack.

But we’re jumping the gun here. This isn’t about a damaging conspiracy theory and Hilfiger’s inevitable decline. Rather, this is about resurrection. Much like “da bomb” evolving Pokemon-style into “bomb af,” this is about glorious rediscovery and reemergence. Because once again, rappers are feeling the ‘figer.


And by everyone, we mean A$AP Rocky, Nicki Minaj, and everyone in between. This might be the reason why vintage Hilfiger is flying off eBay streams. And that might just be the reason why Hilfiger has decided to team up with My Theresa to release a new capsule collection of crop-top/sweater hybrids, bandeaus, and women’s satin boxer briefs, all emblazoned with the infamous flag, all of them throwbacks to a time when Hilfiger was king. If you’ve got the dough to throw, it’s certainly worth it.


Because there’s no Hilfiger quite like classic Hilfiger.

Images via Strawberry Sand Carbonara, Pinterest, Girls of T.O., Vogue, and Konbini.

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