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Passing The Mic To Podcast Powerhouse Rachel Campbell

I hope that when someone hears an episode… they are reminded of their own capacity. And that in this way, we may feed off of each other and continue to rise.”

Rachel Campbell is the multifaceted artist collaborating with women for women. She’s developed a podcast, called, “Guts N’ Glory,” rooted in taking chances and believing in yourself.

Through her guest speakers, she emphasizes the importance of rejecting formulaic pathways. Why dully accept life when you can fully live it? Campbell hopes to challenge her listeners to devise their own direction. Simply put: eliminate your fears—GO FOR IT. 

Not only is her project an audio experience, but she also designs digital illustrations that embody the series. Campbell’s creations serve as mascotsthe icons that champion going with your gut and reaping the glory. Above all, Guts N’ Glory is a community—by women, for women. 

Why did you decide to start Guts N’ Glory?

Gosh, the mother of all questions. Guts N’ Glory partially stemmed from my own inner dialogue with my intuition and gut, and the absolute necessity to follow it in that I believe it’s the most powerful tool we’ve been given. Yet, growing up, it became quite apparent that this wasn’t everyone’s take on the subject. Gut instinct and intuition was more so something to roll your eyes at rather than viewing, and utilizing it, as a valued piece of our innate being. Hence Guts N’ Glory.

I want it to be this communal voice that advocates the pure essence of each and every person when one truly steps into oneself, and stops living life on default mode.

To encourage this ever-growing space in which we’re forsaking all the self-imposed bullshit, societal constructs, and to just be. Whether that be within a personal, or professional context, I aim to contribute to the day where we’re intentionally capitalizing on what it means to be wholly human.

What made you select the podcast format over other types of platforms such as a vlog or website?

Podcasts have gotten me through it! I work as a freelance multidisciplinary artist, which means a lot of alone and screen time. Even way back during one of my first internships for equine therapy in-the-middle-of-nowhere-France, my sole source of entertainment was this one podcast episode I’d remembered to download (totally forgot the no wifi situation).

I’ve come to find that podcasts are extremely versatile in that they entertain on-the-go, are extremely portable, diverse, educative, but that they can also make you feel like you’ve just sat down to coffee with some friends, and in that moment, not so alone.

We all have those moments of needing a hand to hold, a passionate reminder, or a kick up the butt, and in this way, you can carry that around in your back pocket.

How do you hope to empower listeners?

I hope that when someone hears an episode, their response is not to estimate or speculate at their own lack, or shortcomings, in comparison; but rather that in having shared in this guests journey, they are reminded of their own capacity. And that in this way, we may feed off of each other and continue to rise.

Although Guts N’ Glory is a podcast, it is also driven by a visual component. How do your illustrations work to compliment the listening portion?

This was the hardest component to figure out, and it’s still an ongoing development. As an artist, I obviously wanted to impart myself into Guts N’ Glory, it’s my baby! Growing up with the likes of anime and manga, I’ve always gravitated towards concepts that include characters and mascots.

On a more user-friendly note, I wanted the branding to be anything but alienating given the topic, engaging to both the young and old; and it had to be fun…we need more of that. So each guest is featured in the form of an illustrated character, and then there are the set Guts N’ Glory mascots. Though I really need to start rethinking the website with this growing community!

As everything is so fast-paced, I love the thought of someone taking that extra time to check out the website, and being pleasantly surprised by this little world we’re slowly building.

There’s also the longterm vision of doing a children’s book, so I am manifesting that with every chance I get!

Why did you choose to combine these artistic directions (audio and illustration)?

It’s a balance between what format would best facilitate Guts N’ Glory’s concept, user interface and experience, and being able to relay an element of myself into it.

How did you first become inspired to create digital illustrations?

This is still my biggest struggle. The characters featured on the site are purely digital, however, the stockpile of illustrations and musings that are building up behind the scenes in figuring out the set illustration aesthetic is a total meshing of paintings, pencil sketches, nail polish blotches and plant matter smears.

And I am trying to be cognizant in that a lot of what I put forth in Guts N’ Glory, but also in my own life, is about being sustainable, environmentally responsible, and taking up ethical practices. Right now I am finding it difficult to source artistic materials that cater to those ideals, but also allow freedom within my own work.

What is your ultimate goal with Guts N’ Glory?

That you can be you, and that I may be me, and that we’ll be doing it from a place of instinctive alignment. I think that’s all anyone could really ask, and hope for.

Who has been your favorite guest on the podcast? Who is your dream subject?

There’s no way I could provide an answer to the first part of that question! That’s like asking which one is better, the peanut butter or the banana; obviously one can’t go without the other!

And dream subject? There’s just too many. Sophia Roe for her utter expression of just sheer humanity. She’s showed up for herself, and in doing so, for countless others.

Leland Drummond the co-founder of Azione Agency, and Mai Nguyen for her work within the agricultural sector using environmentally regenerative methods, as well as advocating for farmer racial equity.

There are brands that I’d love to open up a dialogue with such as Emergence Magazine for their take on ecology, culture, and spirituality. And I was recently acquainted with Elevate packaging. Let me just say, you’ve not experienced sustainable packaging until you’ve seen what these guys have to offer.

How can listeners expect Guts N’ Glory to develop over the coming years?

I want to be intentional in that I aim for Guts N’ Glory to be involved, and have a voice, in educational initiatives geared towards the younger generations. I am not sure what form that may present itself in, however, I feel that in terms of the environment, human connection, one’s being, mental health, nutrition, and sexuality, in correlation to the intuition, is not something that is discussed enough. These subjects serve as the foundation to who we are, and I know I’d want my child to be given the tools through which they may best show up in the world.

Wellness and food is another major geek-out moment for me, so we’ll see how this all comes together. With purpose in mind, I am keeping our future framework fluid, and open.

Illustrations courtesy of Rachel Campbell

Stay tuned to Milk for more powerhouse women.

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