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Patrick Church Is Pioneering an Extra AF Movement This Men's Fashion Week

Patrick Church isn’t just making art or designing clothes—he’s pioneering a movement. Typically, it’s a movement defined by color, and lots of it; characterized as playful, bold, and “a bit extra”, Church’s latest collection certainly fits the bill of going against convention, in all the best ways. This Men’s Fashion Week, Church and his crew hosted a sunset party to end all parties at The Standard East Village in celebration of his first purely black & white capsule collection. Donning skimpy yet masculine outfits, feather boas, and eyewear created in collaboration with Planet i, Church’s cast of models convened around the tables of Narcbar and outside, where a photo booth backdrop designed by Church drew in each and every passerby. By nightfall, the verdict was in: there was no place we’d rather be. Clearly, Church is no stranger to coloring outside of the lines, and hearing from the designer himself about his latest collection was the cherry on top of a night to remember. Get inside the mind of Patrick Church with our exclusive interview below, and check the photos above for a visual recap of the evening’s festivities.

Tell me more about the collection!

It’s a really small capsule. I just thought to do something with muted colors, and keep it kind of simple. I decided to just use black and white, and for me, that’s kind of hard. I’m obsessed with using color, and making it really maximal. We’ve just kept it super simple and in my opinion, very masculine. They’re really simple pieces. They’re very bold, it’s bold to work with black and white. If it was down to me, it’d be pink, turquoise, feathers. But I’ve also mixed in my brand’s playful and fun and flirty side. I wanted it to be kind of humorous and add the feather boas. And have the boys in underwear and wife beaters, like a typically really masculine thing to wear. And elevate it in that way, it’s interesting. I’m playful.

What was the inspiration that made you want to turn away from what you usually like to do?

At the moment, I’m into challenging myself and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I feel like doing something just black and white is so out of my comfort zone. I’ve retained the air of humor by still having boys in their underwear, and they’re meant to be a bit extra.

What do you hope the reaction from people is when they receive the new collection?

I don’t think about the reaction of other people. I’m normally a little shocked and surprised that people even turn up to these things. Seriously, I am. I work all the time, I’m by myself working. When I come out and see a lot of people, it’s kind of shocking. It’s great, and I find it overwhelming. I hope people love it, it’s really simple and there’s something that everyone will like. I just don’t feel like I like it. It’s boring! It’s just black and white, but I love color so much.

Do you think it’s a reflection of your internal process right now?

Well I’m working on an art show at the moment. All my energy is going into that. I’m trying to push myself into different comfort zones — like the methods of painting are really different from what I would do before. I’m trying to strip back what I thought I knew as an artist, and rediscover why I started painting as a medium. Painting in different ways, and blocking over colors again and again. I’ve been doing this while I’ve been doing that, so maybe it’s rubbed off on it.

When’s the art show happening?

September 8th. During fashion week. It’s really looming on me. I’m putting all my energy into it. This is like a fun way to bring people together, I think Standard is such a cool place. Lots of cool things happen here, I’m really glad they asked me to do it. I just thought to take something that’s typically masculine and have them do a playful take on it. Fuckin’ hell!

I’m excited for the show!

It has to unfold, you can’t plan everything that’s going to happen. It’s more whimsical when it all happens naturally.

Well you don’t want it to be too contrived, you want it to be as organic as possible.

I feel like this whole process of me getting to where I am has happened so organically. I shouldn’t plan too much because it kind of ruins the spontaneity and fun to it. I think people like the stuff because it’s whimsical and not too thought out. I don’t think I’m that considered.

None of us know what we’re doing, some are just better at pretending. Did you cast it too?

Yes. I feel like we’re building a family of people we work with, and I think that’s really important. To create this movement within fashion. I like people’s personality more than the aesthetic of it. Bringing people together and making them feel empowered and comfortable and safe. Really fun and excited to wear the stuff—it’s a moment.

Images courtesy of Daniel Herrera

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