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Peaches Proves It's Not Hard To Be A Feminist With Her New Album

Peaches doesn’t just push the envelope–she dumps gasoline on the envelope and lights that thing up. She’s the queen of destroying gender norms, and she’s setting a perfect example once again with the new remix of her 2015 album, Rub. The electro-bad girl’s remixed album features a solid squad including JD Samson of Le Tigre, Maya Jane Coles, Kim Anh, Paula Temple, and Lauren Flax, just to name a few. With an all-girl production (although Samson identifies as a “gender outlaw”) the artist claims her female focus was unintentional.

“I wanted to hear how my favorite producers would re-contextualize the songs on Rub,” said Peaches. “Without even realizing it, I had only asked women to produce remixes. I’m glad that they all said yes and I love every mix.”

With Feist, Kim Gordon, and Simmonne Jones, the original album had plenty of top-notch female features to start with. It’s kind of great that Peaches can say she didn’t have to go out of her way to seek female artists. Despite the cold war women face in the music industry, it’s a relief that these artists all fell into place with Peaches. It makes a small crack in the glass ceiling, but a crack nonetheless.

The track “Close Up,” featuring Kim Gordon and remixed by Maya Jane Coles (AKA Nocturnal Sunshine), is like someone super amplified the electro beats over the originally bass-driven, low-toned song. Rub Remix is set to release on May 27th, but you can get a little taste of her first track off the remastered album here.

Stay tuned to Milk for more badass ladies/people/feminists.

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