One of the handful of Prince-inspired looks that Ms. Versace sent down the runway in a moving tribute to the late musician.



Listen To Unreleased Prince Tracks, Courtesy Of Donatella Versace

If you’re lucky, you’ll find one person in your life whose friendship and support you can always count on. For Donatella Versace, that person was evidently Prince, whose trace and influence coursed through the Versace men’s Spring/Summer 2017 show, held at Versace’s Via Gesù headquarters, this past weekend. “Donatella would like to use this special occasion as an opportunity to share this incredible music from a dear, and much missed friend,” read a statement from the brand. What followed was a procession of models, many of whom wore distinctly Prince-flavored designs, walking out to unreleased music from the late great musician.

“He sent me those songs five months ago,” Donatella said of the soundtrack, which apparently included a remix of “Kiss” and a track in which Prince hollers “Versace” and “Donatella.” “He sent me music all the time. People look for the vault — I am the vault!” The songs made for a beautiful, heartfelt tribute, and were underscored by the ruffle-heavy, body-hugging, slick pantsuits. But if those pantsuits were a nod to Prince, then the outfit Ms. Versace walked out in as she closed the show with her cohort of models was an unmistakable sartorial tribute to the iconic and incomparable artist: a perfectly tailored, purple, flared pantsuit with a black ruffles sprouting from the jacket. Apparently this is what it looks like when purple reigns.

By injecting Prince’s inimitable style and character into the collection, Ms. Versace—who will no doubt become one of many in the fashion industry to do so—helped breathe new life into his spirit and legacy. And thank god for that.

Photo via New York Times.

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