It's a combo of Americana and creepy kitsch in Grimes' new "California" video.



Peep our 5 Fave Fashion Moments in Grimes' New Music Video

Toronto-based pop starlet Grimes has released the third music video off of the hugely successful Art Angels LP, and, unsurprisingly, it brings the pain. Claire Boucher (aka Grimes), always the perfectionist, retooled “California” specifically for the video, adding airy synths that more easily fit into Art Angels‘ J-Pop influenced sound space. The video, directed by Claire and her brother, Mac Boucher, is part of the ongoing Art Angels saga, set to conclude in a fourth music video.

“California” may not have the mesh-clad cyberpunk vampires of Kill v. Maim, but the fashion looks worn by Grimes and her friends—which include kick-ass musicians HANA and Purity Ring’s Megan James—are bound to keep closets stocked, and us satiated, until Grimes releases her next video. We reached out to Grimes’ stylist Turner to get the designer credits, but like any crucial member of a premier entourage, she’s staying mum. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and break down our favorite looks from the video—designers not included.

Grimes’ Dolly Parton-esque Cowgirl Outfit 

Grimes’ patriotic getup is front and center in “California,” serving up a comforting slice of Americana that wouldn’t be out of place among Marc Jacobs’ star-spangled Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Those gaudy epaulets lend the bustier a militaristic feel that make us wanna throw down a PBR and pledge, yet when offset by the cowboy hat and playful, Cheeto-like curls, it falls short of appearing too stiff. And while we don’t know the designers responsible for any of these clothes, we do know that A-Morir Eyewear designed those heart-shaped shades. And for that, we thank them.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 4.06.12 PM
All we’re missing is some square dancing and a motorized bull.

The Wet Mime Suffering From Ennui

Here we find Grimes self-reflecting in front of a gigantic metal ball. Could she be whispering, “Where does the reflection end and I begin?” There is rage in these shots. Early on, she hopelessly holds up an umbrella, already doused in the rain. Still, this isn’t pure Waiting for Godot. Small flourishes of color keep this look from going full mime, with a neat red something around her neck that’s either a snood or remnants of a turtleneck popping out. Plus, we have Claire’s cotton candy purple hair helping to keep up the tempo too. It’s like if the Wachowskis’ directed a gritty reboot of the Cat in the Hat (hat not pictured).

Basically a Linkin Park music video.

Art School Girl Who’s Fond of Raves 

Or, a slightly defiant Catholic school girl with a penchant for painting murals. The beret—which has been making quite the comeback recently thanks in no small part to Marc by Marc Jacobs‘ last ever, Fall/Winter 2015 punk-themed collection and Alessandro Michele’s Gucci—is rather becoming on Grimes. The cute topper compliments her unruly hair, while expressing disdain for capitalism and an affinity for hand rolled cigarettes. However the clincher has got to be the plaid skirt and red-belt-over-loose-tee combo. Sport it, if you dare; just be sure to emulate Grimes’ dance moves by pointing in different directions. It shows a keen perception for the world around her and an appreciation for the works of art that surround her. And while we don’t know the designers responsible for these clothes either, we’re pretty confident that you could find this exact outfit at your local thrift store.

Is this what art parties are like?
Is this what art parties are like?

Oh My God, What Is That

What in the good god damn are those whatever-the-fuck, Doctor Moreau nightmares rocking the bowler hat and murderous eyes? Are they…are they wearing pants? According to an Instagram Grimes posted about a month and a half ago while editing the “California” video, her character in it is apparently imprisoned by HANA, who plays a wealthy and cruel mermaid overlord. That doesn’t exactly explain those dancing whosits, but somewhere, Lady Gaga is certainly slapping herself for not thinking of this idea first. As for that enormous dragonfly headpiece sitting atop Grimes’ head, Turner wrote, “This headpiece weighs around 4 lbs … Approx. 4 feet wide, had to hand carry it like a baby.” Well it was well worth the effort.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 5.08.48 PM
Dear dancing monkey men: you don’t scare us at all!

Megan James is Corpse Bride of the Ball

Lemonade made a foolproof case for it, and now it’s official: body painting is all the rage. Purity Ring’s siren, Megan James, mixes Corpse Bride face paint with a flowy white dress that we’ve read about in Jane Austen novels. But, as awesome as her golden cat eye sunglasses are (another masterly work by A-Morir Eyewear), we have to wonder: why is she rocking them inside? And furthermore, what’s with the parasol? It’s certainly not raining inside this subversive circus. Is James going for a Victorian-era bloodsucker look à la Kirsten Dunst in Interview with a Vampire? Because if so, we’re feeling it.

The Lady in White.
The Lady in White.

She’s not wrong.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on Grimes’ fairytales.

Images courtesy of Vevo and Anyaboz.  

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